Episode #52

With Robin Copernicus

Serial Entrepreneur, Mad Scientist and a Third Culture Kid Shares How He Works 15 Minutes a Day!

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52-Building a Yes or No Business While Working 15 Minutes a Day with Robin Copernicus

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Robin Copernicus is a “third culture kid” and has grown up all over the world. He feels that he has no attachment to any culture, and because of that, has turned into a digital nomad, currently living in Tulum, Mexico.

Robin served in the military for a little bit, and after undergrad, went into digital marketing. He actually helped launch the Apple iPhone in China. After not feeling fulfilled, he went to get his MBA because his parents talked him out of being an entrepreneur.

82% of startups fail because they cannot get access to funding. Robin helps visionaries launch their idea without doing a pitch deck or business plan and relying on investors.

If you’re a side hustler, you will get a ton of value from launching your side hustle with the Robin Copernicus method!

Do you ever find having a stage name hinders your authenticity?

No, because I am upfront about it. I do not try and hide it.

What made you become a Nomad?

His parents moved around quite a bit. He was born in Bangladesh, lived in Quate, and then the USA, and moved to the USA every 2 years. Moved back to Quate, and then when he left the nest, he and his brothers spread apart.

Core Values Mentioned:

Brutal honesty

Team is family

I do whatever I do that benefits me or whatever I want

The core values stem from Robins’s perspective of freedom and wanting to do whatever he wants when he wants.

Day Job:

Robin got a job as an energy trader in Houston, which is probably one of the most sought after jobs in Houston. He worked hard and finally got a quant position on the trading floor. One year after that, a trading seat opened up at another company and he got it! At this point, he felt like he made it. Tons of money coming in and a great job.

3 months in, he looked around and felt unfulfilled. He didn’t vibe with anyone, he didn’t enjoy it and just did it to get the status.

If you don’t like your work colleagues, then you are going to have a miserable life.

One of the most valuable lessons Robin learned was how to sell online! The businesses that he operates now is all based on his ability to sell.

The MBA Start-Up:

In an MBA program, they teach you to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and Robin believes that it is a huge mistake. You typically will spend a lot of time working on the MVP and it may not have the product-market fit you are hoping for.

People do not spend enough time, in the beginning, trying to validate and sell it.

The Minimum Viable Mockup:

This is Robin’s process for putting an idea together, taking it out to the market, validating the idea by actually getting people to put money onto it. When you start to get money, then you know you are onto something.

With the pre-sell funding, you can go ahead and build the real thing. You do not need to rely on investors or angels, or even a business plan. Let the market decide and pay.

How do you make money now?

Unblockmywebsite.com: This is the completely passive website that generates 6 figures in revenue.

The process…

  • The customer is problem aware, but not solution aware.
  • They realize they are not able to add their link to their bio, in the comments or captions of Facebook or Instagram.
  • They will then get an error from Facebook and copy-paste that to Google.
  • When they copy and paste that into Google, they will see Robins ad.
  • When they get to Robins’s website, he is trying to build a relationship with him via an email address.
  • If not, Robin uses tracking pixels to retarget them on social media platforms.

The key to converting online: MULTIPLE TOUCHPOINTS!

You need to have 8 touchpoints before someone even recognizes your company exists. At that point, you need to build likeability and trust.

At the beginning of the website, Robin was doing everything manually so he could understand the process and know how to make it efficient. Once he had all that information, he automated it, walked away, and started working on other projects.

Tools for automation:

Robin shared an awesome way he realized to automate the probate process of an estate! He also shared how and why he ended the business.

Automating Your Day Job:

Robin shares a story where he actually automated his day job! One of his day jobs required the same tasks daily and he knew he could automate it.

Robin was able to work remotely for 4 days a week, so they didn’t even know! He wrote some code, the process would get all the data and email it out for him. He left a paperweight on his space bar and then he could leave for the day.

Are you working only 15 minutes now?

Robin goes into “mad scientist” modes where works tons of hours a day and he doesn’t get much sleep. He loves these periods and doesn’t even feel like it is work. When the mad scientist is done, he barely works.

When you average the hours he works in the year, it works out to 15 minutes per day.

Are you an SEO Guru? How do you rank your websites?

I don’t do SEO! It is incredibly difficult and although it’s great, it takes a lot of time. It takes so much time that it ends up being more expensive than paid ads. Paid ads are also something that you can automate and check in once in a while.

What are some of the mistakes you’ve made along the way?

The biggest one was with CoinFeed. CoinFeed was the startup he built the MVP way and quit his job to do it! The process of creating an MVP, trying to get investors, and corporate meetings was such a waste of time. He credits the failure to not working with his customers but rather with venture capitalists who did not know his vision and could not understand it.

Another big mistake was running Reddit traffic to his website. Robin was really good at getting Reddit traffic by participating in Subreddits and gaining a following. He was getting around 10,000 unique visitors a day, but at the end of the month, he only had 1700 registered visitors on the website that is a HUGE conversion issue! Robin acknowledged that he did not have any lead magnets or tracking pixels. He failed to show the benefit of the app and that was the main reason for failure for conversion.

How do you build a business now?

He builds the minimum viable mockup first. One of the best parts of the MVM is that you will realize if you want to work in the business and enjoy the industry while building this.

Robin will run an ad for the product even before the product is built to gauge the demand in the market. This will allow him to validate and test the idea fast! He even did this with a property that he was looking to purchase!


You get your own personal spokesperson for $5. This is the idea that made him realize websites can get blocked and how he unblocked it is the business of unblockmywebsite.com

Robin did not want to do his own product videos. He wanted to send the product out to a spokesperson, who is the actual target demographic and that person can speak about the product.

The mockup of spokesperson.io is still up there if you want to view it!

Idea: Can you make a business around a Fiverr gig?

This failed because it was not a yes or no service. A yes or no service is the key to how Robin only works 15 minutes a day. There is nothing discretionary about them, you got the job done or you did not.

Yes or No Business’:

Whenever Robin starts strategizing on a new service or product, he needs to make sure it is a yes or no service/product.

This means that, at the end, the only question that the customer can ask is: was it delivered? Yes or no!

The customer cannot come back and say the product was damaged or the quality was not meant. It was either done or not done.

The benefits:

  • Reduces customer service time
  • Helps with customer expectations and expectation management

The yes/no with unblockmywebsite.com is, is it unblocked? Yes or no? If it is, they are happy and it is a 5-star review. If it is not, it is a refund. Simple as that.

The key is to minimize all the complexity out of your product.

Do you have a team?

Although Robin still considers himself a solopreneur, he does have a small team of freelancers that he works with very closely.

What do you recommend people do to start?

To many want-to-be entrepreneurs or side hustlers focus on their website, logo, and aspects of your business that don’t matter. If you are a solopreneur, you need to make sure you keep your sanity and focus on the most important tasks!

Instead of all that, focus on who you want to serve and how to build a brand around those people. Then go talk to those people and find their pain points. Create a solution around those pain points.

How do you hire someone?

Robin treats his team like family. He takes a totally different approach to hiring.

The first thing he does is ask his network for people looking for work. These people know you and they typically are less likely to disappoint. Robin looks for someone who matches his values.

Robin has a core value that you should not be past work at 5 PM. His job at the commodities job did not value that, and because of that, they clashed on several different things.

One of the very first interview questions Robin asks is, “I listen to a lot of trap music and I smoke a lot of weed, how do you feel about that?”

Based on the response, Robin can assess the person and see if they fit the job.

Robin looks for lazy people because lazy people are always going to be innovative. They look for faster ways to do things!

How are you coming up with ideas for businesses?

Do not continuously work on the next thing! That is even better than coming up with new ideas.

You need to know who you want to serve, and you need to make that person your best friend.

If you can manage that, then you know you’ve found something magical and you will be able to create content around that.

After looking at who you want to serve, look at what kind of business can you do that will start earning you money now! Build that minimum viable mockup, start sharing it, and selling it. Keep iterating and growing.

What is next for you?

Robin wants to be able to focus on whatever he is doing. He does not want to split his focus and keep going after new shiny objects.

The perfect average day exercise: this is coming in his new book!

What is your #1 tip for someone starting out?

Figure out if it is really something you want to do. Don’t look at the commercial viability of the product. Don’t look at the market size or how much money you can get. You do not need to do the shotgun approach with the internet now. You can do sniper rifle shots and find the exact customer online with advertising!

Connect with Robin:

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Bonus: The 2 Word Persuasion Course at www.supersecretbonus.com to get it for free!

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