Trevor Oldham is the founder of Podcast U. In 2015, Trevor was running a motivational company but didn’t love it. At the time, podcasts were becoming more popular, so he decided to start a podcast. Trevor spent a huge amount of time booking podcast guests, editing his show, and doing more.

Eventually, he burnt out and decided that he was going to monetize the skills he learned from his podcast. In 2018, Trevor Oldham began to freelance on Upwork doing work specifically for podcasters. Eventually, he took it off the Upwork platform.

How did you get your first employee?

Just like Trevor started, Trevor decided to go to Upwork to find his first employee. The process was simple.

First, he posted a job that detailed everything to do with podcasting. Podcasting contractors applied to it. When in the interviews, he asked about goals and ambitions and wanted to find someone that fit what he envisioned his company culture to be.

Do you think there is space in podcasting for side hustlers start now?

Yes, Trevor Oldham believes there definitely is room. If you’re going to go into this business or a similar business, Trevor recommends that you find a niche.

Trevor has developed a real estate audience and now specializes in finding guests for real estate shows. By specializing, he is the go-to company for anyone looking for PR in the real estate industry. As a result of that, he is able to charge a premium for his services.

What niche Trevor Oldham would start if he had to restart today

When Trevor answered this question, I was pretty intrigued. I believe this is a great niche as podcasting is only in the beginning stages.

Trevor would go into creating podcasts for Fortune 500 companies. Many Fortune 500 companies know the power of podcasting and see it on the rise, but don’t have the know-how or resources to get into it.

Many of the companies would be happy to pay someone to set it up, find guests, edit it and not have to worry. Most Fortune 500 companies are not strapped for cash either!

How did you scale?

There were definitely growing pains while trying to scale and grow the business. The thing that helped the most was creating systems and processes for his employees to follow. If employees followed everything, then Trevor knew the work would be done to a certain standard.

When clients stay on, you use that money to reinvest and acquire more clients and employees if needed. Rinse and repeat until you’ve got bigger!

What are the revenue numbers?

Trevor Oldham was doing $3000-$5000K a month consistently. They were making money, but it was hard to keep the income coming in because it was dependent on the podcaster and the guest to both show up.

Now, they’ve transitioned to a business model where they charge per show. They charge the client upfront and collect all the money.

The pay-as-you-go service sounded better but attracted a lower-quality client that resulted in less money in the end.

Pivoting your side hustle is hard to do, but it is something that a lot of people need to do before taking the next step. Don’t be afraid to analyze your business and make the pivot.

What software are you using to manage your clients now?

Trevor Oldham and his team use Basecamp, which is a project management software. This is comparable to Trello, which is a free project management software.

You can try Basecamp with any side hustle that you’re working on. You can use it to keep track of your projects, communication, files, and invoicing.

Trevor Oldham’s #1 Tip For Side Hustlers Starting

Self-education! Try to get into the business mindset. Understand the field you want to get into. If you don’t have a business mindset, that is going to be your number one priority. There is a way for you to go out there and start a successful company.

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