Divide and conquer, they said…  here are 15 of the best side hustles for couples to start! When looking for a side hustle, you may consider starting with your partner. If you work well together, you have just multiplied yourself and can get double the work done.

Choosing the side hustle that is most appropriate for couples is important for your success. The type of work that you and your partner enjoy and don’t enjoy, will help you navigate what is right for you.

This is not meant to be a dating coach blog or how to work together on the side hustle, but rather, side hustles that work better with two people involved.

What are the benefits of having your partner involved with your side hustle?

One of the best benefits is that you will not get in trouble for working too hard or not spending enough time together. Working together on a side hustle will strengthen your relationship and there will lot of opportunities to bond with each other.

When I started my side hustle journey, I always wished I could do more with the same amount of time that I had. Unless you hire freelancers or employees, getting more for your time is difficult.

One way to get more done is to partner, and who better to partner with than your life partner. Chances are your strengths and weaknesses will be different, and each person should focus on their strengths.

There are hundreds of different side hustles for couples that you can start, but here is some extra guidance on some of the side hustles that are best suited for couples.

1. Reselling

When thinking about reselling, otherwise known as flipping, you should consider if you want to be more active or passive in your side hustle business.

Each form of reselling has its pros and cons and will appeal to different side hustlers.

Reselling has a low start-up cost and you don’t need a website to get started! It’s as simple as taking a few pictures, posting them to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Poshmark, and waiting for a buyer to come in.

What is active reselling?

This is when you are actively going out of the home and looking for deals to buy locally. This could involve you going thrifting or getting wholesale deals, and then flipping it online for a profit.

Active reselling is done as a business to earn a profit rather than to earn extra cash from junk in your house that you will not use.

You will track your expenses carefully and include everything from gas to car depreciation and the cost of goods sold. You will make sure that this number is always less than your revenue, which means you’re turning a profit.

What is passive reselling?

This is when you are not too concerned about running your reselling side hustle as a business, but rather as extra cash that you can earn from junk in your house.

An example of this is if you clear out your closet twice a year and sell the clothes you don’t use.

With passive reselling, you are not too concerned about the cost of goods sold or the expenses attached to the items you are selling. The alternative to not selling them was to give them away for free anyways.

When I was in college, my roommates and I sold our old textbooks every year through eBay, which resulted in getting more money than the school bookstore would give us for it.

Is reselling good for us?

At this point, you should be aware if you and your partner would prefer the active or passive reselling strategy, with the main difference being taking on a business or earning some extra cash.

Reselling is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Enjoy shopping together
  • Enjoy the thrill of the hunt
  • Don’t mind customer experience/service
  • Understand technology and can upload pictures and descriptions of products

If you’re looking to get started in reselling, listen to Rob and Melissa Stephenson from Flea Market Flipper, who earn a full-time income as a couple reselling on eBay! You can also sign up for their webinar, where they teach you how to get started on eBay here.

Flea Market Flipper Interview

2. Baking

Baking as a side hustle is a tough side hustle to do as a one-person army due to the seasonality of it.

As you probably know, seasonal businesses can put lots of stress on you during those peak times. For example, you may get a large number of orders for Valentine’s Day, but then not get another rush of orders until late February.

When you work together, you can not only get more orders done, but you can accompany each other when baking.

There are enough tasks when baking to split up between two people, which should be split because you never want too many chefs in the kitchen!

If you or your partner doesn’t like baking as much as the other, consider having a business development partner and then an operations partner (baker).

If one partner has a creative side, then it is possible to have that partner do all the customization in the order.

Reselling is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Enjoy spending time in the kitchen
  • Enjoy people tasting their food
  • Enjoy grocery shopping together

3. Babysitting

Babysitting is a great side hustle for couples who enjoy staying in on weekends and evenings. The reality is, people, enjoy going to restaurants and enjoying nights out on the weekends. People with children don’t get the opportunity as often because they have kids to watch!

If you’re staying home with your partner regularly, why not babysit as a side hustle?

How to find babysitting clients

Finding clients to babysit is difficult because children are the prized possession of most parents. It is going to take time and a professional business to attract strangers with their trust.

However, you don’t have to start there! You can start small, offering this service to your neighbors, friends, and family only. If you enjoy it, you can register a business, get insurance and start marketing your newly created babysitting business.

When it comes to asking family, friends, or neighbors, you can get creative with it. Send them a hand-written letter telling them that they’ve been working hard, deserve a night off, and you’d be willing to babysit their children for an evening in exchange for a testimonial with your new babysitting business.

Disclaimer: I got this idea from a neighbor of mine who does exactly this!

Babysitting is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Enjoy spending nights in
  • Enjoy spending time entertaining and playing with children
  • Enjoy cleaning up!

4. Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is growing every day, which provides a great opportunity to capitalize on it. Any side hustle within the sharing economy will require work dealing with people in person and dealing with pre-sales support, making it one of the best side hustles for couples to start!

Rent Your Room on Airbnb

If you have an empty room in your house or have a spare basement, consider renting it! Depending on where you live, renting your room could bring upwards of $750/month, assuming that you can rent the room for $50/night for 15 days of the month.

As far as working together as a couple, one may want to focus on the actual AirBnB platform, answering questions and providing support during the stay, while your partner may want to do the clean-up afterward, saving money on cleaners!

Have an empty bedroom in your house? Rent your room.

Rent Your Car

If you are working from home or can arrange yourselves to where you only need 1 car, then you can rent out the secondary car, rather than it just collecting dust in the driveway.

Depending on the car you have and your local market, you may be able to command upwards of $50/day without doing anything other than letting someone drive your car!

You can use the same approach as you would for AirBnB, with one partner controlling the communication and tech, and the other partner taking care of the actual vehicle, cleaning it and servicing it.

Have a spare car? Rent your car.

Rent Your Clothes

Surprisingly, you can rent out your clothes as well! Go through your closet with your partner, have a little fashion show, and figure out what clothes your partner isn’t too crazy about and rent them out!

Tuxedos, dresses and more fancy or formal wear does better than casual wear on these marketplaces, especially if you can match that category with brand names.

You can use the same approach as AirBnB or Turo, with one partner listing and taking pictures, the other doing the customer communication and shipping the items.

Have spare clothes that don’t fit? Rent your clothes.

Anything in the sharing economy is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Have items that are valuable but are not in use at the moment
  • Don’t mind lending their items for others use
  • Enjoy dealing and negotiating with people

5. Event Planning

Event planning can be one stressful side hustle for a one person crew. Planning an event, orchestrating the days up to and during the event can be difficult, more so when done alone. Typically, event planners look to hire help for the day anyways, due to the intense demand.

When we look at event planning, we can break it down and look at all the different functions of the side hustle; working on the business tasks (getting new clients, invoicing, working with vendors, etc.) and then each event itself (orchestrating the days leading up to the event and the day itself).

A person who is more hands on and enjoys working with people would excel at the in person tasks, during the event and working with the vendors. On the contrary, if you or your partner enjoys being behind the scenes, there is enough work around getting new clients, communicating with vendors and getting quotes.

Believe it or not, people will actually pay you to coordinate their family dinner gatherings! You can also organize small corporate outtings and perhaps your local towns events.

Consider a niche in the event planning space

If you enjoy event planning, it can be a tough place to get new clients with no experience.

Most couples getting married want an event planner who has done a wedding before. Similarly, most people looking to hire an event planner look at an event planner that is specific to what they are celebrating (i.e. event planner for engagement parties).

Chris Waters, also known as “The Architect”, crafts seemingly serrendipitus perfect days for people! In other words, he plans extravagant scavenger hunts around a specific objective, which could be anything from an engagement to a surprise birthday party.

You can listen to how he’s turned his side hustle of event planning into a full-time business here.

Event planning is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Are quick thinkers and don’t mind working under pressure
  • Enjoy creating a great experience for others
  • Enjoy being part of events

6. Consultancy

Do you or your partner have a skill or area of expertise better than everyone you know? Is there something that people always ask you about?

If something came to your mind when reading those questions, you most likely can open a small-medium sized consultancy business doing it! There are consultants for everything!

A great way to get started is using a platform like Clarity FM. On Clarity FM, you fill out your profile and rate per minute, and then people can go on there and browse.

I have actually used Clarity FM myself, when I hired a social media marketing consultant for $3.32/minute. I ended up working with them on that call for 4 minutes, but within 2 weeks I was up to 83 minutes.

Scaling your consultancy

Once you’ve dipped your feet in a low or no cost platform like Clarity FM, you can go for scale and growth. Picking a niche, creating a website, and advertising locally would all be elements you would look at doing to scale the side hustle.

Scaling becomes easier when you have two people working instead of one, making it a great side hustle for couples to start.

If one partner has the technical skill, they would be the consultant. The other partner can do all the scheduling, messaging, note-taking, and administrative work for the business. There would also be lots of outbound lead generation like cold calls and cold emails that would need to be done.

A consultancy is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Have a technical skill in something specific
  • Enjoy working with others one-to-one
  • Want to grow their side hustle into a real business

7. Self Publishing

If you or your partner is passionate about writing, look no further! I believe that everyone has a book in them, and although it may take time to create, it is extremely rewarding.

One of the biggest reason I hear people don’t go into self publishing is because it takes too much time to write a book. It does take a lot of time and effort, but that is a great reason to work on it as a couple.

One person may have the idea, but together you can come up with the table of contents and start tackling each chapter together. Having two people write can be dangerous because you don’t want your tone of voice to change throughout the book.

There is enough work creating a book that two people could split the load. The tasks would range from: creating the topic, sourcing the book cover, creating the table of contents, writing the book, editing and formating, and the promotion of the book.

Self publishing is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Enjoy reading and writing
  • Want to leave a bigger legacy behind them
  • Have a story to tell or believe in something passionately

If you’re interested in self publishing, my friend Carol Tice from Freelance Writers Den has tons of information there. Carol also came on The Hobby Hustler Show to talk about the world of freelancing writing.

8. Commercial or Residential Cleaning

Whether it comes down to commercial or residential cleaning, there is no better way than to tackle a cleaning business with more people. Labor intensive side hustles, also known as “sweaty startups”, take time and manual labor, which is easier when it’s split in two.

If you have to clean a clients house and it usually takes 2 hours, bringing your partner would reduce the time to 1 hour.

1 House + 1 Person = 2 hours

1 House + 2 People = 1 hour

By doing this side hustle with your partner, you are able to increase your volume, thus, increasing your revenue.

Commercial cleaning vs residential cleaning

There are pros and cons to doing both, and you ultimately have to choose where you feel more comfortable to operate in.

In a commercial environment, you are typically going after hours when the business is closed. This could be before 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM. It would be hard to perform while having a 9 to 5 job due to the demands of your job needing you during the day.

In a residential environment, you are typically more flexible in when you can go to the house, as long as it is okay with the homeowner. From my experience, your residential clients will have higher expectations when it comes to their home versus their business.

Commercial or residential cleaning is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Don’t mind getting their hands dirty
  • Want to grow and scale a business
  • Find happiness in the process

9. Painting

Do you or your partner enjoy painting as a form or stress relief? If so, painting may be a great side hustle for you to start!

Within the painting niche, you can work on homes or you can paint portraits and faces at birthday parties. The options are endless and regardless of the path you choose, having two people is better than one.

Since it is a technical skill, you will want the other person to be working on the business, tasks like making sure new leads are coming in and clients are getting invoiced. You would also want to make sure your portfolio is constantly updated and work on client communications.

How to get new clients as a painter

Painting businesses are very much local to where you are. When I think local, GoogleMyBusiness and Yelp are great places to accumulate reviews that will add to your credibility. Having a strong web presence locally will help as well. Consider hiring an SEO agency to help with ranking on Google for “Painting near me”.

Additionally, you can post flyers in your town to get your first few gigs. When you’re going to businesses and houses with flyers, make sure to introduce yourself and let them know your new to the business and would appreciate the chance to work for them.

Don’t forget to take before and after pictures. They will be a key marketing piece on your website and for your future prospective clients to see.

Painting is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Have an artistic side to them
  • Enjoy and crave a therapeutic business
  • Want the potential to grow into a scalable business

10. Car Wash

If you are a socially conscious entrepreneur and want to have a triple bottom line, consider a car wash side hustle. I’ve actually went through a car wash doing this exact method, that is how the idea came to me.

I was going to a local mom and pop grocery store here in town who shares a parking lot with the YMCA. The YMCA is a non-profit government funded organization that provides opportunities to people in the community.

The founders of the mom and pop grocery store partnered up with the YMCA to provide an awesome service to those who shop in the store, while donating to a great cause. For $20, I got the exterior of my car detailed while I was shopping inside. Of that, some went to the grocery store, and some went to the YMCA.

A great side hustle for a socially conscious entrepreneur

The reality of this side hustle is that you will need a parking lot with a good amount of traffic for you to make money. Most landlords will not let you take up their parking spots to have a car wash without them getting any financial gain from it, and respectfully so.

For you and your partner to succeed, you would need to partner with local businesses or landlords in the area who are driving the traffic to the parking lot. If you and your partner supply the labour, then it is a win-win-win situation for all the parties involved.

11. Vending Machine

Vending machines are a great side hustle for couples who are looking for passive income. Vending machines can provide almost completely passive income, with the only active work being dealing with your clients and filling the machines up.

Vending machines are relatively expensive and would require a minimum of $250 start up cost. My recommendation would be to look at used marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace to find ones for sale.

A vending machine business would require cold outreach and machine maintenance and replishment, which can easily be divided and made easier with two people working on the side hustle.

Finding locations for your vending machine

The hardest part of the vending machine side hustle is to find locations for your machines. If you know someone who owns restaurants, retail shops or have an office space, consider asking them if you can place your vending machine before you purchase one.

Alternatively, you can cold call and email landlords and business owners with your proposal. Most businesses will want a percentage of sales coming from your vending machine to place it in their business. Once you have a confirmed yes, you can go out and purchase the machine.

Vending machines are a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Want to earn passive-income
  • Have little time to invest
  • Have capital to invest

12. Pet Sitting

Are you and your partner obsessed with pets? Do you enjoy pets but don’t want the stress of having to live with one every day? You’re definitely not alone.

Pet sitting is just like babysitting, but with a lower barrier to entry! More people are willing to let strangers petsit over babysit, allowing you and your partner to capitalize on the market.

Utilizing pet sitting marketplaces

Utilizing pet sitting marketplaces like Rover, provide an excellent opportunity for you to get paired up with new clients that are already looking for your service.

The key to success on marketplaces like Rover is to make sure you satisfy clients early on, collect exceptional reviews, and communicate fast with incoming requests. Close every inbound request as fast as possible so they don’t have the opportunity to talk to anyone else!

Petting sitting is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Want to live with pets, but not permanently
  • Enjoy working with clients
  • Like to stay in

13. Etsy

Do you or your partner have a skill in crafting handmade goods? Etsy is another marketplace that brings the customers to you! Focus on creating and fulfilling the orders, leave the rest to Etsy. If you haven’t heard of Etsy, it is eBay for handmade and unique goods.

If one partner can do the photography, listing information, and handling of online sales/inquiries, then it will make the process much more smooth and efficient.

Having a person dedicated to the craft and focusing on what they’re best at can increase your product quality, and in turn, will increase results everywhere else.

Etsy is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Don’t want to chase incoming leads
  • Have a creative side to them
  • Enjoy creating products

14. Blogging

If you and your partner are looking for a creative outlook where you can be creative on a topic you’re passionate about, then blogging may be for you. Of course, it requires a lot of time intensive work to get the blog up and running, but it is all worth it in the end.

If one person has capabilities to creating and building the website or is more technical, it will save you time and money in the long run. Being able to launch a website on your own is a great asset when starting a blog.

Starting a blog is a long game

Before you and your partner go out and start a blog, you must know that it is a long game. Unlike side hustles that work off of marketplaces, you will be responsible for driving your own traffic to the website.

At the beginning, you will write into what feels like a void, getting little to no traffic. Persistence is the key to a successful blog that will pay you passively for years to come.

Listen to Jason Eland, who is an SEO professional, discuss how to rank your website on Google.

Thinking of starting a blog and don’t know what topic to write about? Write down your 7 biggest passions, ask people what they think they’d be most willing to read about, research competition, and then choose one and go with it! Give yourself a full year of blogging before you expect to make any income (although it may happen sooner).

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is a great example of a blog that is run by a couple. Lindsay, who is now a full-time blogger focuses on the content at Pinch of Yum. Her husband, Bjork, focuses on all the tech and finances in the business. They published a blog post, “Blogging As a Couple: What It’s Really Like“.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, it is important to know that not both partners need to love to write.

Blogging is a good side hustle for couples who:
  • Enjoy writing
  • Want to play the long-game
  • Want to build a business for years to come

15. Social Media Management

I started a digital marketing agency in 2014 and had help from my partner. I would focus on the fulfilment of the services, whereas my partner would compile the reports and work on the administrative work associated with the agency.

Working with clients requires a great deal of time intensive labor that is much easier to handle when you are two people instead of one.

Choosing a niche for your social media agency

If you’re planning on starting a social media agency, my recommendation is to choose a niche that you’re passionate about and only focus on serving them. The industry is saturated and there is tons of competition. When you are a generalist, it is hard to rise above.

You can either specialize in an industry or a service, or perhaps both!

Specialzied industry: Marketing Agency for Dentists

Specialized service: Facebook Ads Agency for all

Specialized industry and service: Facebook Ads Agency For Dentists

Each one has its pros and cons, but being a specialty within your service and industry allows you to charge premium rates for your knowledge and expertise.

If you haven’t already, join our free Facebook Community of Hobby Hustlers just like you! Do you have a hobby hustle for couples idea that is not on this list? Please share in the comments below! 

If you are looking to start a hobby hustle for couples, here is my guide on how to start a hustle!