When Rock Felder and Zach Moreno started Squadcast.fm, they were working full time jobs and had this as a side hustle.

SquadCast is a SaaS remote recording platform that empowers podcasters, capturing quality audio and video conversations their listeners love.  They launched Squadcast in 2017 and now have over 100 customers, from Microsoft, ESPN, NPR and many others!

What was your day job before starting your side hustle?

Zach came up with the idea and then approached Rock about it. They didn’t have jobs in podcasting, but knew that it was on the rise and wanted to build shovels for the gold rush.

Rock is an accountant by trade and Zach is a developer!

Who is Squadcast for?

Anyone that is looking to level up their podcasting game. You must be ready to invest in podcasting and taking it more than just a hobby. It is a monetary investment, where competitors like Zoom and Skype give you free options without the bells and whistles.

How did you quit your job to go full-time with Squadcast?

Tons of anxiety surrounded the decision. They were both first time founders and had never gone through these experiences. They relied on a great reputation and great product to get the name out there.

Eventually, once the business was funding itself and were able to pay themselves, they made the jump. What made it easy was that professional podcasters were relying on Squadcast to fuel their business.

“Not taking the risk seemed riskier than trying” – Rock Felder

Where does Squadcast fit in the podcast production?

They fill in right in the middle, the production! They focus on audio quality, whereas competitors like Zoom have other priorities. Zoom wants to focus on ease of use and may compress audio, not what you want if you are a content creator.

What should I look for in podcast hosting software?

Do not let choosing a host get you bogged down. Libsyn is the most well known and most popular. There are many new ones like Buzz Sprout who are doing great things too.

All hosts do certain aspects well, and you can get success with any one of them. Look at what data they can provide, the customer service they will give you, and anything else they stand for.

Where you choose to host your podcast doesn’t necessarily change your listener’s experience! If they are going to listen on Apple Podcasts, most hosts will support Apple anyways.

Further down the journey, you will want to build a podcasting website that serves as a home base for your listeners.

What podcast equipment should I have?

The equipment and the environment are huge factors that will affect your podcast quality. Spend more time on this, rather than your podcast host.

Most Popular: Blue Yeti Microphone. It is very sensitive though and will pick up background noise.

Another option is the ATR2100 from Audiotechniqua.

When it comes to headphones, the Audiotechniqua or Apple Airpods work well. You want to make sure you record podcasts with headphones or earphones because if you are on speaker, the microphone may pick up the voice from the other person.

As far as the camera goes, the Logitech webcam is great if you don’t already have a webcam on your computer or laptop.

What advice can you give for new podcasters?

Podcasting is only getting bigger and gaining a larger audience, check out more statistics on podcasting here.

Podcasting is daunting at first. There is a lot of information telling you to use different apps and services. One thing that knew podcasters don’t realize is all the different hats you have to wear as a podcaster.

It is not as easy as recording and posting. You want to spend the same time promoting and marketing the show, creating a great experience for your listeners.

From their experience, podcasting rewards consistency. Whether you are putting out podcasts weekly, bi-weekly, or daily, make sure you are staying consistent with it.

We all hate the sound of our voice when we start. Many of us get nervous before we hit record. Whatever the case may be, just hit record and give it your all, every single week.

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What goals do you have for Squadcast?

A big one was to jump to full-time and leaving the side hustle life. They are honored that people are trusting Squadcast to run their business and want more people to be able to say that.

What is your #1 tip for side hustlers just starting their side hustle?

Rock Felder is a strong believer in finding a co-founder or partner that is going to be as dedicated as you. Ideally, you want it to compliment your thinking and skillset. Entrepreneurship is a long and emotional game, and having someone with you with similar goals will make it easier.

Zach Moreno did not understand the importance of being independent and being their own investors. Zach loves knowing that he truly is his own boss, and is not funded by others.

Where to connect with Rock Felder and Zach Moreno?

Squadcast.fm is an easy place to find all things podcasting and Squadcast!

They are also very active on all social channels.

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