Who is Robert Sciglipaglia

Robert Sciglipaglia has made a career out of what started as a side hustle. Robert Scigpaglia started his voice acting side hustle when 15 years ago when he was serving as an attorney in Personal Injury Law. He is now an accomplished actor, producer, best-selling author, and attorney.

His proudest accomplishments included being on PBS’, “American Experience: Hijacked”, Disney’s “Enchanted”, and Chevy’s Superbowl commercial, “Happy Grad”.

Why did you do into the entertainment industry?

Robert Sciglipaglia always had the entertainment industry in him. From a young age, he was a DJ and grew a DJ business. He never knew he would land within the voice acting in the entertainment industry, but after a few courses, he found his talent.

How do you learn how to voice act?

You can absolutely learn the techniques online. There are all sorts of online classes and courses that you can learn the basics.

The easiest way for Robert Sciglipaglia to learn was to be partnered up with someone who’s already done it. He knows that he doesn’t work at his own pace very well. Recognizing your strengths is a key way to move forward.

Where do you go to find voice over gigs?

There are a lot of online websites where you can find your first voice-over gig, which is exactly how Robert Sciglipaglia found his.

You could start on general marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr, which is what most new voice-acting side hustlers do. However, Robert Sciglipaglia recommends going to a voice in the specific marketplace for your first gig.

Here are a few of the different websites you can create profiles on for free:

The best part of the marketplaces is that the auditions come to you, you are not bidding on jobs that are out there. This prevents a “bottom of the barrel” pricing game for freelancers and side hustlers.

For more information on the gig economy, listen to Brett Helling.

How does payment structure work in voice acting?

It depends on the type of job. If it is a union job, you will get residuals every time it is aired. If it is non-union, most of the time they are just one-time payments. Sometimes you can get residual agreements in non-union gigs if they are broadcasts or new stations.

If you are doing ebooks, narrations, and anything in the eLearning space, it is usually a one-time fee, which is considered a buyout.

Can voice acting lead to passive income?

The best way to get a passive income is to get your own clients that keep coming to you for work, outside of the marketplaces. These clients are usually more high profile and will pay residuals when they want you to do their gig.

Robert Sciglipaglia has done this and created a diverse client base, from news stations to Fortune 500 companies, all that generates passive income for him.

Can you share your portfolio of work right now?

One of the biggest cases Robert Scigpaglia is representing now is for the voice actor of TikTok. He has now paired his passion with voice and law, to do more things in the world.

On the side of voice acting, he is getting into voice to text, voice acting, and artificial intelligence in law.

What are the Do’s and Dont’s when someone is starting voice acting?

When you are getting started, Robert Sciglipaglia is a big proponent of getting a coach who can help you. There is a misconception that voice acting is easy. The reality is, if you want to become great, you need to get a coach and train.

A lot of new voice-over actors will try to do a lot without any formal training or guidance. This will only make your journey to receiving your first cheque longer (in most cases).

Do not get your voice-over demos and headshots and then start sending them to talent agents. Getting a talent agent is a job in itself and you need to know-how. You may get discouraged and then will end up giving up.

Connect with Robert Sciglipaglia

The world of voice acting is only going to get bigger as we move forward. Whether it be with Google Voice, voice-to-text, or artificial intelligence. Robert Sciglipaglia is game for any side hustler connecting with him!

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