Top Resources From Hobby Hustlers Like You!

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On this page, you will find some of my top picks that I would highly recommend for building your hobby hustle and bringing it to its greatest potential. All of the resources here are either being used for one of my current hobby hustles or helped me tremendously when I first started one of them. 



If you are using a “”, it’s time to get rid of that. If you want to be taken seriously (by customers and by Google), then it’s time to rethink your domain. Bluehost is how I am hosting ALL of my websites, including this one you are on right now. I have one server that I pay less than $10/month and host all of my hobby hustle’s on it.

Bluehost has a “one-click” WordPress installation, which means that you can have WordPress (WP) on your website within a couple minutes! With other hosting platforms, you may have to manually download and install WP.

Customer Service, you ask? Bluehost customer service is absolutely fantastic. You can pick up the phone 24/7, anywhere around the world and they will help you with your issue, and sometimes they are even able to do it for you! The basic package that will allow you to host as many websites as you want starts at $4/month. 


If you don’t have much website development experience, Elegant Themes is for YOU! When I first started hobby hustling, I realized that I could not build a website using HTML and CSS (although over the years I have learned a great deal of it). I set out to look for themes that had page builders and came across Divi. The Divi Theme is the BEST theme. I still to this day, even though I know some HTML and CSS, I use Divi.

I use Divi because it makes everything easier and I spend less time building my websites, while maintaining the quality, look and feel that my visitors want and expect.


Similar to Elegant Themes, Tesla Themes is another great option. The main difference between the two is that Elegant Themes really only has 1-2 themes people use, Divi (custom build) and Extra (for magazine look). However, Tesla Themes has themes for many different industries that are pre-done. An example of 4 different ones below show the variety, Simple Block is a simple blog, Discover your city is for a tour guide, Daylight is for an app launch, Riverside is a great hotel and resort theme.

Tesla Themes has a page builder, but the page builder is a little more difficult than the Divi Builder. It uses visual composer, which is compatible on many different themes outside the Tesla suite as well.



Bluehost, the same hosting for website provider, allows you to create unlimited emails on that domain. For example, I own “”, I can now create as many emails as i want that end in Currently, I have [email protected] but soon will be adding more, free of charge. Thanks, Bluehost. 


If you’re looking for functionality, customization, and a glorified inbox, the Bluehost email may not be for you. It allows you to send and receive emails, include a signature, and some other minor features. However, if you are looking for flexibility such as scheduling, reporting, getting notified, reminders, etc. then you may want to look at GMAIL.

Here is a common thing people do: Create multiple Bluehost emails, and then forward them to go to your 1 GMAIL inbox. With Gmail, you have tons of storage, scheduling abilities, and some more features!


If you’ve got a gmail email address, you need GMASS! Gmass allows you to mass email, mail merge, and auto-follow up with people on your Gmail. And the best part? They have a great free plan.

Although sending mass emails isn’t the best for acquiring new clients, if it’s done properly, and legally, then you can have a decent conversion rate. Gmass will give you the highest deliverability rates and still give you the personalization any email CRM would give you.



As a hobby hustler, you always have projects on the go, and chances are, you’ll be working with several different people on projects. The best free way I’ve found to manage my projects is Trello. Trello allows you to organize specific projects by creating cards and assigning tasks to people.

How I use Trello? Each project has a specific board, where I invite the people involved to participate in the board. I then create several columns. There are two types of columns I have, the first is more general, like: “To-Do”, “Ideas For Future”, “Competition To Watch”, and then the second are more specific to the actual project. For example, if I had a website design client, I would have “Wireframes”, “Design”, “Implementation”, “Errors”, and “Project Brief & Credentials”. Within each column, I create specific tasks and assign them to specific people, they will get a notification and then see that there is a due date associated with the task. What makes Trello super amazing is that you can colour coordinate everything, I mark all urgent tasks with a RED label, tasks that I do when i have free time with a GREEN label, and tasks that are waiting approval from someone else, a YELLOW label.


Google Drive is an amazing tool to keep all of your files for your clients. I create a folder for each client and invite them to collaborate. I then ask them to load all the files that I will need to use in the Google Drive Folder so that I do not need to constantly ask them. The best part… it’s all on the cloud, so you won’t make your computer slow and run out of storage! The free plan is usually more than enough, however, even if you have to upgrade, you get 100 GB for $2.79/month, which is more storage than most people need! I have been running my hobby hustles on Google Drive for over 3 years and still am only at 41 GB.


AppSumo is easily the BEST website that I subscribe to. Thank you Noah Kagan for starting AppSumo. It’s help ALL of my business’ tremendously. So what is it? AppSumo is a deals website for digital and online businesses. Start up companies go to AppSumo and offer AppSumo subscribers a great deal for their product for lifetime use (in most cases). Personally, I don’t like spending monthly subscriptions because they add up fast, I would much rather a one-time cost and have it free after that forever.

What kind of deals have I bought on AppSumo? Website Auditor, StepShot Guides, SparkChart, PromoRepublic, PingGo, Social Insider, Reveal, Stencil (also featured on this list), Whatagraph, Billy, Better Proposals, Outgrow, Serpstat, Lawtrades, iSpionage, WebinarNinja, Quuu, Quip… and I’m still purchasing more! I bought most of these tools for $49 one-time fee, and have lifetime access to them plus all future updates. My biggest hit was WebinarNinja, which is now a full webinar platform that people pay $100/month for.



Google Calendar is an amazing Calendar, and so far, the best one I’ve ever used. I’ve tried the classic pen and paper, and i’ve tried the Microsoft calendar, but nothing is as good as Google Cal. They offer the most integrations with third parties, so people can schedule meetings with you and then it auto populates the event in your Google Cal.

You can download the app on your phone and it has a great interface for you to add, manage, and view events.


I first came across Calendly when I spent 2 hours over email going back and forth with a potential client to see when our schedules didn’t overlap. Have you ever done that? With Calendly, you can put the times you are available and then the client can go on and schedule something according to your time. The best part is that you’re completely hands off, just send them the link, they will input their name, phone, email, and anything else you need, and then the event will auto populate on your Google Calendar so you won’t miss it!


Stencil is really the world’s fastest image creator.  If you are a beginner and only need a couple graphics, Stencil’s free plan will be great for you. They have over 1 million stock photos to choose from, all kinds of different fonts, and allow complete flexibility with your designs. You are able to save logos right on your dashboard, so it is easy to add watermarks to all your photos. The paid plan is only $9/month too!

I first purchased this deal when it came across my inbox from AppSumo. Before Stencil I was using Canva, but the costs were getting up to $20/month and they didnt allow me the flexibility and templates that I was looking for. I also noticed that their search function was not good. I now use Stencil for most of my clients social media posts — and you should too!




Hootsuite allows me to manage all of my social media in one place. As you may know, social media management is one of the services I offer my clients. 95% of the time (unless they have a scheduling software already in place). As a hobby hustler, I am always trying to keep costs low, and Hootsuite allows me to manage 3 of my clients social media on the FREE plan – which is all I need. I create gmail emails for every new client, and use that email to sign up for Hootsuite, nothing else. I then attach the 3 social media accounts and manage each client in their specific account. This allows me to cut my costs by 100%.

If you’re wondering how I manage all the passwords, see the “LastPass” software in the list below.



If you have a blog or are posting links publicly, chances are, you would benefit from a service like Pretty Link. Pretty Link allows you to shorten links that are long and ugly. For example, an affiliate link may look like this:, which is really long and ugly, but with Pretty Link, you can make it and it will have the same effect.

The Pretty Link free plan gives you the flexibility you need, however, they do have paid options if you are looking for more flexibility.


IF THIS THEN THAT is an amazing automation software that is COMPLETELY FREE. IFTTT allows you to create custom recipes that give you notifications if certain things happen. They are adding integrations every single day, and they’re only going to add more! The best part of IFTTT is that you don’t need to know any coding!

What are my favourite recipes? I get notified when a top app becomes free in the Apple Store for iPhone. This allows me to get great apps for free, which are mostly productivity and business apps. I also get a reminder to drink water 3 times per day, which are times when I usually get busy or have other priorities. However, my favourite applet allows me to bid to UpWork jobs that suit my profile; when jobs are posted, I automatically get an email notification so I can apply right away.


LastPass allows you to remember all your passwords for every single service across all your devices. When I was 16, my Yahoo! email account got hacked and I was scared of anything to do with passwords after that. To be fair, my password was super simple to guess, but I didn’t fully realize why people hacked passwords then. LastPass will generate you an alpha numeric password that not even you could memorize, they also autofill your passwords for all your services. If I go to for example, my username and password will autofill.

I create separate accounts for most platforms for my clients so they have access to it and I keep my costs low, but I wouldnt be able to manage all these “xt3535ysfgajglsj” passwords without LastPass.


My favourite company right now is Apple. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to run my business. I am completely pro-Apple, with an iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and more! They allow me to seamlessly integrate all my devices and make my experience as smooth as possible.

Some of my hobby hustlers can be run solely from my phone, and I thank Apple for allowing me to build a phone that is robust enough to build a business on it. I strongly recommend Apple if you are looking for a new phone, laptop, tablet or watch.