Episode #010

With Justin Hunt

Hobby Hustle Success Story

In this episode, there were several times that the audio cut out and we had to say it again, however, I didn’t want to edit it so that you can see the authenticity of each episode.

Poodll.com is Justin’s hobby as well as his passion.

He’s worked as a software developer and he’s worked as a high school teacher for 6-7 years. He didn’t want to be a high school teacher as a career, so he started teaching himself technical skills.

Justin went through about 10 Internet ventures before Poodll came, which goes to show that you need to be passionate about what you do! In his 10 ventures, Justin has had some success, but none as much as Poodll.

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Matthew Alexander

Justin Hunt

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About This Episode

In this unedited episode, we discuss:

  • Poodll.com
  • His background as a teacer, software developer and changing his career
  • Entrepreneurship and his realization of wanting to be an entrepreneur
  • Lessons learned from successful and failed businesses in the past
  • How you can find your passion just like Justin did


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