Episode #32

With Chris Brewer

Building a Successful Marketing Agency… and How You Can Too!

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Having a marketing agency is extremely difficult. Dealing with contractors, clients, and a bunch of competition. There are hundreds of new agencies popping up every single day, yet Chris says there is still huge potential.

Chris has been doing entrepreneurial ventures for all his life, having most success with his latest venture, OMG Commerce.

Chris has ran multiple businesses and side hustles before OMG Commerce, starting with his sales hustle. He ended up in Missouri selling billboard advertising to businesses. During this time, he came up with an idea to sell other people’s billboards too. He started to do this, and his boss told him to stop cause it was an accounting nightmare, so he did it on his own, under his own corporation. With that experience, he learned how to create a website and all the basics of business. He finally sold it for $2 million.

After that, he went to work for a golf magazine, and then a friend told him to start the first full colour coupon magazine, and started and grew that till he sold it.

During that, he started a carpet company, which was a complete failure. He closed that down in less than a year and lost $30,000.

Now, his fourth and most successful business, Chris started OMG Commerce.


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Matthew Alexander

Chris Brewer

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About This Episode

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Chris got started in business
  • What Chris believes about passion and profits
  • His partnership with Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels
  • Building a business to sell it
  • Finding a business partner (the right one)
  • How Chris got his first few clients and how you can too
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Everything YouTube ads!
  • And so much more…!

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