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Learn The Basics of Your Website and Marketing Strategy!

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Greg Russell has been in the marketing game for over 20 years with Success Marketing. Greg got started at a young age, a pre-teen! As he was learning the ropes of entrepreneurship, it came to him very early that marketing was extremely important.

He could not successfully start any business as he was growing up if he did not get his marketing right, which was an early lesson!

Greg’s first business was called “Candy Coupons”, it was a local business where he went to local businesses and the goal was to get them to subscribe to the mailer.

Where are you now?

SuccessTeamMarketingGroup: Website creation, hosting and set up. Specializing in membership and course creation websites, or anything with an LMS system!

Greg also has a coaching businesses where he coaches people individually how to build their website to convert.

Lastly, Greg has an entrepreneurial mastermind group that he is passionate about and another income stream for him.

At What Point Does The Customer Find You?

Typically they already have an idea of what they want, but not everyone has an audience. Greg recommends that you focus on list building first before developing any type of course or website!

How Do You Build Your List?

In today’s day, it is a lot more challenging to build a list because people don’t want emails spamming their inbox like crazy. You cannot just offer a free report!

You need to do a lot more to get people to give you their information now than before.

In the example, Greg says:

Instead of offering just a free report, setting up a landing page, and getting crickets… try a different approach.

But how to do more?

Include the free report with a webinar, or with something else.

Webinars are starting to get challenged as well, so you need to get hyper specific on what you are doing.

“In this 22-minute webinar, that is going to teach you these 12 things that will take you from X to Y”.

That is a much more compelling offer!

If you cannot get someone to do something when they don’t have to pay, it is hard to get them to do something if they have to pay!


What Do You Recommend We Build Websites On?

Wix is not for business websites! Once you start there, you cannot take anything out from it. If you are creating a business website, just skip that.

Most of the major websites are powered by WordPress. It is an extremely powerful platform, and is also the framework of Hobby Hustler! It is now considered a Content Management System, even though it was started as a blog platform!

Do you recommend Squarespace or Shopify?

With e-commerce, identify your sales mechanism. If you are a coach or consultant, you do need Shopify! If you are selling products, the person needs to go on the website to decide. In this case, Shopify is a platform that is recommended.

What Strategies Are Good For e-commerce?

UPSELL! When someone puts something in the cart and they get to the cart, you should put an upsell, where it pops up a similar product that goes well with the product they got.

For Membership Sites: Greg is recommending WordPress!

Greg has built complex WordPress memberships where there are team memberships, couple memberships, or company memberships. It is all possible with WordPress!

Platforms For The Membership Side

  • Member Mouse
  • WPMember
  • Membariam, which works with ontraport and activecampaign exclusively
  • WPFusion: Keep a CRM and Membership website in-sync

What Theme Do You Recommend?

When you are looking for a theme, make sure you commit to it for at least a year or so. A theme has a lot to do with the speed of a website and how it functions.

In recent years, page builders have come out and now most of the pages can be created with those.

A theme can control the Header, the Footer, and how the Blog layout looks! Those are the most important aspects to review when looking at themes. Everything else can be done by individual page builders.

Recommended Themes:

  • Astra Themes: Free and very fast. Upgrade to access premium features
  • Page Builder: Beaver Builder. Upgrade to pro when you need it

Thoughts on Divi Theme & Divi Page Builder:

  • It is not easy for someone who is not a developer because it uses stylesheets

Comparison to Beaver:

  • Beaver is very basic and simple. You can add Ultimate Beaver, which gives it the bells and whistles you get with Divi Builder, but its typically better for someone starting.

The truth is, how things look does not matter. How it looks determines very little on if you’re going to make money or not.

At the end of the day, you cannot get emotional to how it looks, but ask yourself, is this making me money?

How Do You Take Payments With Your Website?

They are typically independent of the website. Stripe is one of the newest, most advanced systems that work with your website.

Shopify also connects with a Stripe payment system.

If you want a full blown CRM, Ontraport will connect to Stripe as well.

An older one is authorize.net and paypal.com. The main difference is that authorize sends the funds to your bank account, whereas PayPal will keep the balance in the account and you have to manually go in and send it to your bank account.

How Can You Build a Site So It Converts?

First, you have to identify your sales mechanism. What is the thing that happened right before someone gave you their credit card? What is a webinar, 1 on 1 phone call?

That is the thing you need to focus all you’re marketing on! How are you going to get people to that one thing?

As far as colours go, colours mean certain things, but Greg doesn’t dwell on it. Red attracts the most!

Go with the colour that will reflect in your personality!

Do not overthink it!

At the end of the day, what is going to work for one market is going to be different than what it going to work for your market.

I’m a big proponent of the put it up and see what sticks.

Split Testing

Some systems will allow you to do split testing, where you show two or more separate audiences seeing different pages and see which one converts better. Typically, you only want to change 1 thing at a time so you know absolutely what is making the difference. If you are changing multiple things, then you are not really sure what is actually better.


If you are trying the Google Organic way, note that it is going to take a minimum of 6 months as well as tons of hard work.

The approach Greg recommends is spend a few hundred bucks and get paid traffic to your website in order to see what converts.

#1 Tip for People Getting Started:

Making money on the internet is very easy. You need an offer and a buyer. The first thing you need to do is come up with your offer. Those are the only 2 things you need to make money on the internet.

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