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With Brian Winch

Get Paid To Walk!

Learn How Brian Winch Started a Parking Lot Clean Up Business Pulling In 6 Figures!

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Brian has been in the business for close to 40 years. Brian started the simple cleaning business on the side of a full-time job. He couldn’t see him doing it for the rest of his life and felt limited to what he could do as a side hustle because of his bank account and skillset.

Having no internet at the time, Brian looked at the newsstands and around the community to see what kind of service he could provide.

Did you know side hustling was called “moonlighting”?

Brian’s dad was a janitor at the local school and his side hustle was to clean litter. Brian remembered how easy it was to do that!

In 1981, unfortunately, Brian’s father had passed, and later that year, Brian started what his dad left him.

The first thing Brian did was call a few properties and send out free quotes. He got his first “yes”, and then got started! From there, it snowballed into a 6-figure business!

This side hustle is for you if:

  • You enjoy working outdoors! This was a key deciding factor for Brian!
  • You enjoy walking around!

Who are your clients?

  • In this business, your clients are the property managers, not the property owners, or landlords themselves!

Why is this great?

  • It is great because you are not SELLING! You are providing them another service they can sell their client. The property management company builds your price into its end price for the landlord.

“If you bring the passion and you’re passionate and consistent, you will be rewarded” – Brian Winch

What makes your business model so successful?

  • They provide the service at the appropriate time of the day. For retail, they go either early in the mornings or late in the evening when the store is closed. Most property management services are done during the day!
  • Customer service! They provide great customer service and go above and beyond their expectations. This is simply being a second set of eyes for the property manager.
    • Examples could be: lights burnt out, graffiti on the walls, etc.
    • All they do is let the property managers know, as it makes them look better!
  • Property managers don’t want to do trash pick up!

Is this a viable side business if someone has a full-time job?

  • Indeed, that is exactly how Brian Winch started out!
  • In Cleanlots, Brian’s book shares exactly how you can get out of the 9 to 5 and start cleaning lots on the side of your day job.

A Day in the Life of Brian:

  • Brian was working a full-time job, albeit, nice hours!
  • He started at 2 PM and worked until 10 PM. This schedule allowed Brian to use the morning hours to market his business
  • In the mornings, he spent time cold calling and marketing his business
  • Working on cleaning the lots whenever he got the time, whether it be before or after his day job.

Elevator Pitch:

  • Learn your elevator pitch!
  • In 2-3 sentences, you need to describe what it is and what you do.
  • What benefits do you provide?
  • In Brian’s case, cleaner parking lots for less money.

What is key in this business?

  • Reputation is absolutely a golden pillar in every business, but the property management industry is small and the companies know each other. Make sure to maintain your reputation and always under-promise and over-deliver.

Is this business recession-proof/lockdown proof?

  • Litter is always going to happen!
  • Whether it be cigarette buds, or now during COVID-19, people are littering masks and other PPE like crazy!
  • Brian does not advocate for people to litter, but he knows the reality of it is that people will because human nature is lazy and they will not walk to the trash can most times
  • Litter and Garbage clean-up is considered an essential service and they have never been shutdown during these lockdowns happening around Calgary and surrounding Alberta areas.

How many employees?

  • 2 full-time employees
  • 3-5 part-time employees
  • 3-5 weekend employees

The beauty of the business is, you can scale to what you need. Brian and his brother are not willing to work weekends, and there are a plethora of people who want to work just weekends!

The key is to find people who enjoy the work and like to work outdoors. If they enjoy that, chances are they are going to stick around with your company.

How do you get approach property managers and get leads?

  • You have to go where your clients are! In Brian’s case, it is LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn is good for B2B side hustle’s
  • Start reaching out to these people
  • Search “Property manager + [your city]”
  • Offer to connect with them, let them know who you are and what you can do for them
  • The key is going to where your clients are! Don’t expect them to come to you.
  • You should make sure to a Google My Business page! If people search for parking clean up near you on Google, you will get picked up!
  • Reach out for free publicity: Brian reached out to new stations near him about picking up masks and PPE. The next morning the producer reached out to him and scheduled a film crew to come out with him.

You have to provide the extra value! Remember, Brian trains his to look at things above the scope, things like graffiti, burnt out lights, or anything is broken, etc.

If you have a competitor come around and offer the same service, the value you give them providing this is invaluable and they are more unlikely to make the change since they may not get it from the competitor.

How does pricing work?

  • This topic is also covered in Cleanlots!
  • You cannot charge by the square foot, simply because the nature of the business may be totally different
  • Retail and buildings with customers typically generate a lot more litter.
  • Medical buildings and similar buildings typically generate a lot less litter.
  • Also, you need to look at what is around, usually, if there is a high school close by, there is more litter, no matter what the building is.
  • Every market is different!
  • Anywhere from $30-$50/hour typically as a starting point!
  • You will quickly learn what the market will bare after you start putting some prices out there.

What’s the most interesting thing you found?

  • They find people’s valuables all the time, including cash!
  • If they can identify something, they will return it, but cash is considered “finders keepers”!
  • The most cash Brian has ever found was $600 rolled up near a waste dumpster!

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned that you can apply to any business?

  • You need to be passionate and be interested in what you do!
  • Don’t ‘chase the money’ or ‘chase the bag’.
  • If you are not interested in what you do, you will quickly lose interest in what you’re doing!
  • Entrepreneurship, especially at the beginning, can get extremely difficult and that is when you will quit if you’re not passionate
  • Be patient! You cannot expect results within a week.
  • The clients will buy from you when they are ready, not when you are ready. So it is up to you to give them incentives and give them time. Follow up and send a 2nd, 3rd, or maybe even a 4th

3 Ps:




If you can follow the 3 P’s, you will be successful!

What’s next for you?

Brian is turning 60 years old and he wants to start scaling back, but still wants to continue to do clean lots.

Brian enjoys walking, and he looks at it as getting paid to walk.

Brian is now trying to give back and he is providing unlimited support to people who buy his book, Cleanlots!

Where to connect with Brian:



What you will learn in Cleanlots:

  • How to price your service
  • How to walk the property
  • The best tools to use
  • Getting your first few properties
  • Scaling to many more properties
  • And so much more!

PLUS+ Brian Winch gives unlimited customer support to people who purchase his book!


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