Episode #44

With Justin Schenck

Top 8 Podcaster, Rated by INC. Magazine! Founder of Begin Podcasting and the Host of The Growth Now Movement Podcast.

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Justin Schenck is the founder of Begin Podcasting Now and the Host of The Growth Now Movement Podcast. He has been listed as a Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC.COM and as an icon of influence in the new media space. His show has been played in over 140 countries around the world on a weekly basis.

His show has allowed him to create relationships with amazing human beings, including impactful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, Olympic medalists and so many more incredible individuals.

He now wants to help you launch a podcast to reach whatever goal you have in mind. Whether it is to grow your brand, build relationships, or make some money, he has made it easy for you!

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Onto the show…

I connected with Justin via Secret Entourage! Justin had an episode on their about podcasting and he is what sparked me to start my podcasting journey.

Justin is a Top 8 Podcaster in 2018 (ref. 2018 Inc. Magazine).


  • Consistency and hard work allowed him to become a Top 8 Podcaster!
  • Justin wanted to learn from people who he couldn’t connect with, and the podcast gave him an outlet to reach out to people
  • Podcasting is the only long form media that is being absorbed!
  • Justin didn’t know how he could sit at the table with these 9 figure earners, and then had an aha-moment that the vehicle would be the podcast
  • If you can grow a podcast to get your 1000 true fans, you can make a living with that every day of the week.
  • 73% of podcasts don’t make it past 7 episodes! Don’t be in the 73%.
  • Part of the reason podcasts fail is because people think you are going to get a ton of listeners right away and they will buy everything you talk about. IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT!
  • 80% of shows are doing less than 100 downloads an episode (on Libsyn)

Podcasting Equipment:

How do you get guests on your show?

  • YOU ASK!
  • The worst thing they can do is say no or not answer.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask anyone, just go about it the right way.
  • Secret to getting anyone as a guest, at the very end you write “I would love it if you could take a couple minutes out of your schedule to inspire my audience”

How do you know who you want to talk to?

  • So many people go to Justin that want to start a podcast, but it is to SERVE THEM! Not enough people care about what you want to know and your goals. People care about themselves.
  • You need to niche down really far and figure out the goals of your audience.
  • Your audience is who you were 5 years ago!

What frequency should I put out my podcast?

  • It doesn’t matter, but whatever you decide, you need to stick with it.
  • The minimum should be once a week
  • Remember, it is easier to ramp up than scale down.

How do you get those 1000 true fans?

  • Get in front of podcast listeners!
  • Either get on other shows…. Or it is proven that podcasters like to read, so try to get on other peoples blogs.
  • One to one outreach! Slow and steady but it can do the trick
  • You have to serve them on every single episode
  • Working through social media the right way!

Structuring a Podcast Episode:

  • Your show structure should stay the same unless you are hitting a milestone and do a specific episode


What has podcasting done for you and your life?

  • Justin claims that it has changed every part of his life first and foremost
  • Justin started podcasting while at a full-time job and eventually started making more money on the side than in his career… so he quit!
  • It’s allowed him to host a massive live event every year!

Why did you decide to go back into the live event space after a huge fail with it?

  • Justin has always went to them and learned from them.
  • The big difference between now and then is that he knows how to promote it properly, and there is social media now!

Tell us about your mastermind:

  • Justin wanted to impact more people at an even more intimate level
  • Justin meets people where they are, no matter if it’s finding there purpose, or at a 7 figure business already

Entrepreneurship & Businesses

  • Justin had 3 failed businesses while climbing the corporate ladder in sales, but at the age of 19, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • At 19, he was introduced to the idea of having freedom!
  • At 19, Justin got into direct sales and did extremely well, got promoted.

First Business:

  • Put together seminars that focused on personal and professional growth, which did well for a year.
  • They put all the money into ONE LIVE EVENT and ended up selling only 3 tickets to that event.

After the live event, he tried an app with a business partner which also failed.

At this point, Justin wanted to connect with other entrepreneurs to figure out how they did it.

Rock Bottom Moment:

  • Justin’s sister called him and told him that he has to come to see his mom right away, his mother lost a 20 year battle with opioids.
  • Justin told her, “I don’t know what it looks like, but I promise I will make you proud”.
  • His rock bottom moment helped him prioritize what he has to focus on.
  • Enjoy the process and the journey.

Your rock bottom moment will set you for success in the future.

“You have to teach the world how to live happy, no matter where you are today.” – Justin Schenck

“Our wounds are for us to learn, the scars we have are to teach other people” – Justin Schenck


#1 Tip:

Just start, grab the mic, grab the phone and just start. Imperfection is better than not starting at all.

Where to find Justin:


Purposeandmovement.com put in that you learned from the show and receive a FREE 30 DAY MEMBERSHIP!

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