Episode #42

With Tom Jackobs

Over the last 30+ years as an entrepreneur Tom has owned a dozen businesses and shares a few stories on the show!

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Business Impact Pilot! Tom Jackobs is known as the Impact Pilot for helping business owners sell their service better through public speaking training and a unique sales process which incorporates questions that sell and stories that sell.

Over the last 30+ years as an entrepreneur Tom has owned a dozen businesses. His personal training studio was the one he is most proud. This is the one where he learned the power of a sales system and public speaking with telling stories is the best marketing strategy out there. He has had his fair share of failures and times when he wanted to quit. But like most entrepreneurs, and probably like you, he didn’t quit

One of his biggest learnings was that sales is a process.

Through trial and lots of error, and investing in himself, he was able to sell better AND teach others to do the same. The process is simple, ask the right questions, tell stories that illustrate the point and allow your prospect to buy from you! Most importantly he’s systemized it so he can teach that skills to others.

Tom Jackobs has created a little storybook that will help you tell your story better at www.tomjackobs.com/storybook

You can find more about Tom at www.tomjackobs.com

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Matthew Alexander

Tom Jackobs

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