Episode #17

With Justin Forsett

Ex NFL Running Back, Justin Forsett shares how he went from professional football to full-time entrepreneur!

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Justin’s NFL story is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard! Born in Mulberry, Florida, Justin spent most of his time in low-income communities. Mulberry had just under 3000 people and upon graduation, most people went directly into the mines, working long weeks, just to put a roof over their families head. Justin’s dad, Rodney, was a minister, truck driver and entrepreneur (restaurant).  

At the age of 7, Justin knew that he wanted to be a professional football player one day. Like most children, they were always told “No”. With Justin, “No” didn’t stop him. Justin got his passion and inspiration from Barry Sanders, an all time leading NFL Running Back for the Detroit Lions.  

Justin is only 5 foot 8, and less than 200 pounds. For your average NFL running back, this is way too small. The majority of Justin’s life, he was told that he was too small and not strong enough to ever play professional football.

He worked hard every single day, and eventually went to UC Berkeley, where he would go on to get drafted in 2008 to the Seattle Seahawks. He was picked in round 7, pick number 233 of the draft! After bouncing around several teams, he eventually made his dream come true, going to the Pro Bowl. He went to the Pro Bowl while playing his best season with the Baltimore Ravens in 2014.

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Justin Forsett

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About This Episode

In this episode, we discuss:

  • When Justin knew football was his passion
  • How he practiced and knew he would make it pro 
  • Lessons learned from football
  • How he faced adversity and how you can overcome it too
  • Why sports are so similar to business
  • Morning routines
  • Work / Life / Football balance
  • What football does not teach you
  • His favourite NFL moment
  • And so much more!

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