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Corey Turner and I met in the Trends community group on Facebook. Trends has been a transformative community that I’ve been talking about a lot lately! Corey Turner joined the $1 free trial, and then renewed the full year price!

Corey Turner started his real entrepreneurial journey (before selling Beanie Babies in school) in late 2012.

He started buying hockey tape in bulk and reselling them in smaller packages on Amazon. He got inspiration from his day job, which was an eCommerce company selling home goods via dropshipping.

How did you start a side hustle with your hobby of golf?

Being an avid golfer himself, Corey Turner knew that golfers liked to change out their clubs every 1-2 years. The problem was, most golfers did not get rid of their old clubs. They would put them in their basement, and years later remember they had them.

Every year the clubs sit in the basement, they go further down in value.

Corey Turner knew that he could do something with all these unused, aging golf clubs sitting in people’s basements.

Where did you get your first inventory?

At the beginning of Corey’s journey, he utilized his friends and family to buy inventory. He made sure to purchase all the golf clubs at a fair price. Corey Turner knew that he could scale this side hustle bigger if he could make money while still offering a fair price.

What to do when the inventory dries up?

As you could probably imagine, friends and families golf clubs would dry up. When you’re starting a side hustle, you want to make sure that you are not creating a bottleneck to your business.

After Corey Turner bought all the friends and family clubs, he went to Craigslist and other local marketplaces.

Did you have any scary experiences with your golf side hustle meetups?

Throughout the years, Corey had many unwanted visits with other people. These were meetups in ally ways and garages late at night. Sometimes people were nice, and sometimes they weren’t.

Corey also carried around lots of cash with him, which made him a little wary that someone could take his money and run.

With these challenges, Corey broke through and created SellStant.

What is SellStant?

SellStant is a combination of the word ‘sell’ and ‘instant’. The tagline was, ‘Sell your golf clubs in an instant.

Corey started building an API into the eBay sold listings. This information gave him the information of what every single golf club sold for on eBay for the last 25 years.

With that information, he built an algorithm that factored in the condition, age of the club, club type, and more variables that would change the price he was willing to offer.

How are you turning your golf inventory?

It was a very manual process, and that was part of the difficulty in making it faster. You need a minimum of 6-7 photos to get all the data your potential customer wants.

Corey Turner put the work in on the front end to make the back end much faster.

With his eBay listing, he used a simple copy and paste template, where he would plug and play the variables.

Mistakes with Starting a Golf Business

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when setting up a golf business is tieing up too much money in inventory. Golf equipment is expensive, and if you want to run any golf business idea or side hustle you may have, you want to make sure you are managing your cash flow.

Corey always needed to find a way to get his money out of each golf club so that he could go buy another one.

Growing your inventory and scaling operations

Corey outgrew his parent’s basement within a year and then outgrew 2 warehouses later on. He was able to outgrow these spaces because of how efficient his operations were for the golf business.

If it was not organized or systematized, Corey Turner would’ve had a difficult time managing inventory. If you are not managing your inventory properly, you do not free up cash to keep growing your inventory.

Why did you sell your golf business?

Corey believes he hit the peak in 2016 with $230,000 in sales. Golf clubs were selling very well in the summer and during Christmas, however, there were a few months of the year it was very slow.

Due to the seasonality, Corey had to figure out a way to make his golf business profitable 12 months of the year.

With the extra space in the warehouse, he started a golf simulator business.

How to start a virtual golf business

Corey built 3 simulators from scratch in his warehouse and was renting them out by the hour. The steady stream of income allowed him to not rely so much on the golf club flipping business.

Corey tried different screens, from $100 to $1000 projector screens. The best one was a $300 screen with the SkyTraks golf simulator.

In total, Corey Turner spent $20,000 to get 3 virtual golf simulators running.

Corey Turner Speaks on Burnout

At the end of the day, Corey Turner was working around the clock. When he wasn’t operating the virtual golf business, he was meeting someone to buy golf clubs or going to the post office. With all the hours he was putting into the business, he felt the return wasn’t enough.

Corey believed that if he put this amount of time into another side hustle, he would be more successful. This is what ultimately led him to sell the business.

What’s Next For Corey Turner?

It was great timing! Sometimes in business, you’ll get lucky and things just line up. That is exactly what happened with Corey Turner.

He got an opportunity to go work with a mattress company to go public, and at the same time, working on his passion project with his eCommerce business breakdowns.

Where do you think there is opportunity in eCommerce?

Corey is trying to spot trends and see where the opportunity is, but it is always changing. Corey recommends that you go to eBay sold listings for items in niches that you’re passionate about.

Try to find something you enjoy, find the product, and sell it online. Create a system that will allow you to scale your flipping business.

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Corey Turner’s #1 Tip For Side Hustlers Starting Out

Just do it!

You have to pay to get the knowledge. You’re not going to understand everything right away, and there most likely will be a learning curve. The easiest way is to just do it, lose some money, and learn.

Obviously, you want to try to limit your downside so you do not lose a lot of money!

“Don’t be afraid to lose a little money to learn”. – Corey Turner

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