About Chelsey Rogers

Chelsey Rogers has a unique story and path to becoming the successful business owner of ColorHype. 12 years ago, Chelsey was working in banking. After doing that for 10 years, she decided to make the leap to become a teacher. Becoming an art teacher without a school backing you is intimidating and tough, so Chelsey first became a math teacher and slowly transitioned to an art teacher.

While in banking, she was not an artist, she hadn’t even begun painting yet! Chelsey started painting randomly because a friend asked her to paint something. She did it the first time, and was interested in technique and learning more about the skill.

Fast forward to today, ColorHype is Chelsey Rogers full-time business that is thriving. She started ColorHype in January of 2018 as a side hustle and managed to go full-time just over a year later in May 2019.

When did you know art was your passion?

Growing up, Chelsey’s dad would flip houses. On a lot of those houses, Chelsey would be responsible for painting the walls of those houses. She loved the feeling of painting and doing it over and over again.

When she sat down to paint the project her friend asked her, she got that same feeling she got as a teenager. At that point, she knew there was a connection there.

She decided to look at it more and went about her journey.

Chelsey Rogers is a Self Taught Painter

After she knew that she wanted to explore the idea of painting more, she decided to go on a journey of self-teaching. Nowadays, with YouTube, it is easy to do and almost anyone can learn any skill!

Chelsey would spend hours on YouTube learning different techniques about painting, trying on new art, and eventually mastering her craft.

Were you always planning to be your own boss?

Yes, absolutely! Chelsey was inspired by her father, who was a police officer by day, and a side hustler in the evenings! Chelsey knew from a young age she wanted to be in control of her passion. At what point, becoming a high school art teacher was her goal and passion.

When she achieved that, she knew that it wasn’t done there. She knew she was passionate about her business.

Having a Support System

One of the reasons Chelsey Roger was able to quit her day job and pursue ColorHype full-time was having an incredible support system. Her husband and sister were there every steps of the way, encouraging her to take the leap and providing her with a fallback.

If you don’t have a support system as a side hustler, there are plenty of communities online where people are there to support you.

Why did you take the MBA approach?

Chelsey knew that she wanted to be a business owner, but was not sure when and what. Since she was battling the unknown, she felt that getting an MBA was the best thing to do at the time. It served as a great backup and safety net. It also provided her credibility to other professionals.

Chelsey Rogers vs Side Hustlers

One of the most inspiring aspects of the episode is that Chelsey makes you believe you can do what you want. This was exactly her philosophy prior to starting ColorHype. Most side hustlers who want to earn extra money wouldn’t go into art, but rather something that made money right away.

Things like Uber driving, Postmates, or anything that you could earn right away, but business building second. Chelsey’s approach to building ColorHype is remarkable!

What is ColorHype?

Chelsey Rogers knew that she wanted ColorHype to be different than the other painting companies. In most traditional painting companies, you go in, all paint the same picture, compare it with the instructor, and then go home and throw it out because you realize how bad it was.

Chelsey didn’t enjoy that business model and knew it had to be different to stand out amongst everyone else doing it in Dallas, TX.

Chelsey took what she knew about the business models that already existed and made it her own.

Paint Your Pet

Paint Your Pet was the name of her first class. It is important because:

  • Everyone got to paint their own picture
  • Everyone got to paint something that was meaningful to them (they wouldn’t throw it out)
  • Everyone wanted to do that, but thought it was too hard (until they saw results)

From there, the classes got extremely popular and she started growing her classes.

Pivoting Your Painting Business During COVID-19

Having a painting business during the COVID-19 pandemic is tough since you’re not allowed in-person events in most regions. If you’re a business owner that is affected like Chelsey Rogers is, you need to pivot.

Chelsey started painting kits, where you would order your picture and paint ahead of time and it would ship to you in the mail. It would ship with everything you need, including instructions on how to paint the picture properly. Chelsey spent a lot of time crafting these kits so people would feel great, talk about them, and inspire others to order.

Explosive B2B Growth

The painting kits exploded growth for ColorHype! A customer who ordered a paint kit was also an employee of Dell Computers. After telling her boss about it, they tried it for their staff. Now, Dell Computers and hundreds of other businesses are ordering therapeutic paint kits for their employees.

Getting into the B2B space can fast forward your side hustle success. Orders tend to be larger, more cyclical, and scalable. Trying thinking of ways you can enter your B2B marketplace.

Where can you find your first customers?

When you first start your business, a great place to find people is your local mom buy and sell group. That is exactly where Chelsey found her first group of clients! Every city should have its own, and if it doesn’t, start it!

When you have 200 people, local to your community, it is easy to find 1 or 2 people who can rally behind you and support you. When you join the groups, don’t go in and just blast your promotions. That will be a quick way to get banned and lose credibility.

Books and Resources

Chelsey Rogers is a big fan of books and podcasts! She loves listening to inspiring people who are sharing about their greatness. She recalls a pattern that many successful people have, “they all started small”.

Connect with Chelsey Rogers

Visit colorhype.com to connect with Chelsey on everything she is working on!