The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: What You Need To Know Before Building Your Website

A website, one of the first parts of your hobby hustle that you need to build before you start making any money! Now, if you’re like most hobby hustlers, you are trying to escape your day job and are building this on the side, kind of like a side hustle. You probably don’t want to invest $1000+ to build your hustle’s website, so you resort to building it, which is totally possible!

Chances are, if you have decided that you wanted to monetize your passion or hobby by creating a website, you haven’t thought about the psychological aspects of the website. The things that no one talks about. The things that are not shiny and beautiful. The harsh truth!

If you are ready to commit, keep reading. If you are still ready to commit when you finish reading, you will be successful!

The Bad & The Ugly of Building a Website


Most people think that when you build your blog or website, you’re going to get a ton of people reading it, sharing it, and messaging you that you’ve changed their life, one blog post at a time. Well, let me tell you… that does not happen!

You’re going to think that once you write a post, you’ll throw it on social media, ask your friends to promote it, and throw a few dollars in Facebook advertising behind it. You will get happy! You’re going to get traffic to your blog, and then it will go right back down and 99% of those people will not visit again.

Now, I realize that this is harsh, but it is the honest truth. Getting consistent traffic to your blog is hard and it takes TIME!

Expect to blog, post, or be active for a minimum of a year before people are consistently coming back to your website for more information.

Investing With No Return

Be prepared to make a significant financial investment, even if you are doing it yourself.

When you build a website, you’re going to need a host, a domain, security, and an email address. And that’s the very least.

You will probably need some help with a few customizations to your website, which you will outsource on Upwork or Fiverr because we all know you are not a website developer!

If you don’t have any graphics programs and/or not very creative, you’ll probably need to outsource the design of your logo and website graphics, which also may run a few pretty pennies.

My point here is, you need to be ready to dish out dollars, even if you are building the website yourself. Once you do that, you need to be prepared to not want to see that money come back within a year minimum.

Most blogs and websites don’t ever reach the point of monetization, but I know you will… in time!

Spend money upfront to get things done properly, or you will have to go back and fix it later.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Website

  • Website Hosting – $2.65/month (I personally use BlueHost)
  • Domain – $9.99+/year
  • WordPress Theme – $89+ (I personally recommend Divi by Elegant Themes)
  • Logo – $50+
  • Miscellaneous brand assets – $100+

Ps. If you are working with a website developer/agency to build your website and brand assets (ie. logo, business cards, etc.) make sure that you are purchasing the domain and you have all the original artwork files. There is an old trick where website developers will buy your domain for you, and then you are forever stuck with them. If you want your domain back, it will end up costing you a ton of money. 

Time Investment

Along with the financial investment, you need to be ready to commit a ton of time to your new website. You will probably watch hours of YouTube tutorials and browsing other resources on the world wide web.

If you do not have time but have money, I strongly encourage you to just outsource the development of the website (assuming you have 0 knowledge of creating websites).

Expect to spend on the research and development, build, and maintenance.


Where are you planning to get content ideas? Trust me, I know you’re thinking that you love your topic and you can talk endlessly on it, but when you need to actually start typing, you forget topics, suffer from writer’s block, and lose motivation.

Create a content plan before you start the website, sharing the topics that you’d want to write about, and even write down some headlines of articles you want to write in the future. This will allow you to get off to a great start when you first get your website up and running.

When it comes to content, you will probably lose motivation. In the beginning, when you are excited, it is easy to sit at your computer for hours and just type content, but once you start to realize that you are not generating any profit or seeing no real concrete success from it, you start to question yourself, and eventually… doubt yourself. 


Are you sure that you are passionate about this topic? Can you honestly say that you would continue to do it for the next 10 years if it did not generate you a single dollar in revenue? If you can’t, then you’re going to have trouble showing up consistently.

In order for your website/blog to thrive, both in the minds of your audience and in the minds of the Google Robots, you need to be showing them that you are there on a daily basis, trying to improve and provide the most valuable content that you know.

You will never be successful if you plan on putting out 10 blog posts this month, 0 next month, and then 5 the next month.

Set your goals, achieve them on a weekly basis.

Maintenance Time

Think of your website just like your car. Every few months you need to get it serviced, whether it be for tires, breaks, oil change, or anything else that may break. Your website is the same!

You are going to use these applications called “plugins”, which are essentially just little third-party tools you install on your website that help you do certain things, and they will need to be updated too!

Here are just a few things that may need to be updated/checked:

  1. WordPress Software
  2. Theme Software
  3. Plugins
  4. Comment Approvals
  5. Threat Detections

Have you ever neglected an oil change? Like forever? Well, here is what happens… The oil slowly turns bad and eventually the engine components warp. The entire engine will shut down and you will need to replace the whole engine before you can turn the car on again.

The same thing can happen with your website if you don’t do updates, hackers can find loopholes around the old update/new update and put something malicious on your website. If you don’t check on it, you can also very well need to replace the whole thing!

Not maintaining your website will end up costing you LOTS of money in the long run. This is a very important part of a website that most people do not think about when they are building it.

The Website Is Not For You

You are not building your website for yourself, and it shouldn’t be all about you, what you do, and what your dog’s name is.

Most people want to create a website because they feel the ego in their head telling them that a website will make them seem bigger.

When you are creating your website, have your customer in mind. Have that ideal reader going through it, and every question they have should be answered on your website somewhere.

Talk about how you are going to help them, the transition you are going to take them through with your hobby hustle. Make them see a clear “beginning –> middle –> end result”, with the beginning being their struggles now, the middle being them reading your content/buying your product/service, and the end result being their life with the struggle solved.

Learning Curve

At this point, you know all about the psychological aspects of what to expect before you build your website and what is most likely going to happen after you publish it…. *crickets, crickets*

But, at this point, if you are:

  • In it for the long haul 
  • In it for the right reasons
  • Expecting no financial results in the short term
  • Expecting no readers except your mother, brother, and girlfriend
  • Passionate about your topic/hobby hustle

Then you are ready to get building.