Who Is Brett Helling?

Brett Helling helps people navigate the gig economy. He provides an easy way to sort everything in the gig economy and what suits you best. If you’re looking to get started in the gig economy, Brett Helling breaks down each gig and provides resources to succeed.

Free Gig Economy Resource

Brett Helling is able to provide Gigworker to you as a free resource because he is monetizing the side hustle through ads.

Do You Have a Day Job?

Brett runs a portfolio of 10 websites and works for an ad agency as his day job. The agency is contract work based on gigs, so it does not act like a typical 9 to 5. The biggest website in his portfolio is Gigworker, however, he has a Scuba Diving and blogging niche site as well.

What is gig work?

Gig work is best thought of as temporary work. The employer provides short, well-defined tasks that be completed in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, or more. Usually, gigs have a start and end date that it must be completed by.

You can get gig work in a variety of different ways. Usually it is done in the form of an app or marketplace.

Who is the gig economy for?

The gig economy is not for everyone. You have to find your own work, be disciplined, complete your own taxes, and operate as an independent business owner.

Gig economy workers also experience income volatility. Due to the seasonality of gig work, you will experience months that you have earned way more than average, and months where you are dry and not making any sales.

How do you stay motivated?

As a gig worker, you need to stay motivated because you make your own hours and schedule your work time. You can easily spend your whole day working on tasks that keep you busy, but overall don’t get much done or pay you.

Brett Helling says he works best when he sticks to his morning routine and then when it is time to work, he focuses on the hardest task first. He also finds separating your work and house are better for productivity. That is why during the day Brett goes to a coffee shop to work.

How to get started in the gig economy

If you wanted to get started in the gig economy, you need to figure out what you want to accomplish first. What are your end goals with it? If your goal is to earn a little bit of extra money, there are gigs and structures for that. However, if it is grander, then there are gigs and structures in place for that too.

Goals where you would like to earn a little bit of money with not much upfront work, Uber driving or Uber Eats delivery are great options.

Want to quit your job? If you are looking to eventually quit your job and do it full-time, then learning and developing a skill would be a better option for you. Take a page out of Brett Helling’s book and create a digital marketing agency that is structured with gig work.

Creating a business instead of attaching dollars per hour will allow you to become free.

Brett Helling’s Approach on Setting Your Prices

You may think that competing on price is good, but you do not want to be the cheapest person offering the service. You don’t need to be the highest either, but you’ll want to fall somewhere in between. At first, it is going to be difficult until you have past successes and testimonials.

Should I Offer My Services For Free To Get Testimonials?

Many people will reduce their price significantly or even offer their services for free to get the initial customer base and reviews. If you are going to do this strategy, make sure your clients are aware that you are charging this price for the beginning and let them know what you will be raising it to down the line.

This will help you make the transition if they want to stick with your services. It will be difficult to increase the price on a client significantly if you do not let them know upfront.

How do you handle customer disputes?

A lot of the customer disputes can be avoided by thinking of the scope of work and putting it into the contract. You should always have clear deliverables with a clear deadline or delivery date.

What is an easy way to set yourself apart from competition?

A lot of freelancers on marketplace websites do not take the time to fully complete their profile when they start. They are so eager to start making money, they leave out details in their profile. Remember to add your portfolio pieces and fill out all fields in your profile area.

Should freelancers have a personal website?

You do not need a personal website that sells your services if you don’t want too. If you plan on taking your business full-time and growing it, you may want to strongly consider creating a website as a home base for clients.

What are your favorite books for people looking to get started in the Gig Economy?

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is on the list for sure!

Brett Helling has a book called “Gigworker” himself.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

How did COVID-19 impact the gig economy?

The gig economy boomed when COVID hit. Brett Helling believes that COVID-19 really cemented the gig economy in history and that it is here to stay. It proved that people can do work remotely.

 Brett Helling’s #1 Tip for Side Hustlers Starting Out

Brett Helling has a simple tip, which is to do your research before you start. As we’ve talked about, make sure you avoid the common pitfalls around productivity, and income volatility. If you’re not prepared, don’t just jump in. Go slow and increase gradually.

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