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Alex Barker, founder of PharmD, and I connected in 2014! We connected when Alex Barker was running the 66DayExperiment. Over the years, Alex has tried many different side hustles, having lots of success (and some failures) along the way.

Who is Alex Barker?

In a previous web project, Alex claimed to be a “side hustle addict”. Alex Barker now describes himself as a goofball who became a pharmacist. As soon as he started in a pharmacy, he knew it wouldn’t be the rest of his life.

Alex was introduced to side hustling in 2012. Over the years, Alex has tried blogging, Amazon FBA, Kindle, and other businesses. He did a little bit of everything, most that were not successful.

Now, Alex Barker owns a career coaching company that focused on pharmacists. He is also an investor and silent partner in 2 other companies.

Why did you try so many different side hustles?

Alex Barker was young and during his hour commutes, all he did was listen to inspiring people on podcasts. He thought that would be his future too. As a result, Alex tried all of these different side hustles, only to give up and start another side hustle that seemed more exciting a few weeks later.

Every side hustle that Alex tried allowed him to learn a new skill. For the 4-8 months he worked on a project, he was able to learn if it would be a failure or not.

Why are you starting a virtual staffing agency?

Although Alex has suffered from shiny object syndrome, he has denied that this is a case of that. I wanted to dive into why and how Alex chooses the side hustles that he works on.

In this situation, one of his team members shared that she wanted to start a virtual staffing business. As part of helping her fulfill her dreams, he’s partnered with her on the project to make her dreams possible.

How do you choose what side hustle to pursue?

This is a very tough question and a very difficult one to answer. Alex teaches his students a Japanese concept called Ikigai. It’s a mixture of 4 things, and it is what:

  1. You’re great at
  2. You’re passionate about
  3. The world needs
  4. You can be paid for

When you can check off those 4 things, you’ve found a reason for being.

The second thing you need to do is give your side hustle everything for 1-2 years. If you don’t give it your all, you will look bad and think about what you didn’t do.

What were some of your biggest success’?

Being able to network with people has been one of the greatest outcomes of side hustling. Alex Barker credits his podcast as being the reason he was able to network with influencers and thought leaders in the world.

Over the past few years, he’s been able to leverage his connections to impact more people and generate more revenue overall.

Why are people hesitant to hire and delegate?

When you hire and delegate, you can lose the quality and sense of control. Because of that, sometimes you feel like you should be doing everything. The mindset of wanting to do everything will not help bring your side hustle to the next level.

How does Alex Barker combat that?

By hiring world-class people! Alex hires side hustlers that are ambitious and want to do more than just his career that they’re offering. When you’re in a community culture that Alex provides, it empowers people to do great work.

What is your end goal?

Alex Barker has one of my favorite end goals, as he says, “to have fun”.

Having fun and making an impact are the two greatest measures of success that Alex measures. They make you have this feeling that is addicting and makes you want more. Of course, another goal is freedom. Alex claims that he could never go back to the job and working for someone.

If you have $1000, no connections, and only skills, what would you do?

I gave Alex Barker a challenge. I asked, “If you had to start a side hustle today with only $1000 and the skills you have, but none of the connections you’ve made, what would you start?”

Alex would go straight to coaching. Over time, Alex has developed the skill of coaching and believes he could easily monetize that to $10,000/month.

The hardest part about making money is learning how to sell, negotiate, and providing excellent customer service.

What would be your #1 tip for a side hustler getting started?

Be first or be stupid!

Pretty much everyone who has been wildly successful has been called stupid.

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