Who is Liz Wilcox?

Liz Wilcox is a 90s loving, email marketing guru that is just amazing! I met Liz Wilcox through Diana Alt, who came on episode 92 of The Hobby Hustler Show. I have recently joined Liz’s $9/month paid newsletter, which is incredibly valuable to bloggers and content creators who are sending email newsletters.

How did you get into email writing?

Everyone was talking about email marketing. Some people were saying it was dead, others were saying it was everything. That made Liz Wilcox question it and pursue learning more.

Liz Wilcox explains email marketing in a great way. Imagine you were going to the mailbox, you get all different advertisements and coupons. You throw most of it out, but you see one mail from your friend, and then you forget about everything and just open that one.

Well, that one is the one written for you by your friend. When you write an email newsletter, you have to have the same mentality.

What are your revenue numbers?

One of Liz’s greatest accomplishments is that she went from side hustle to full-time entrepreneur in such a short period of time. Last year, she crossed the $80,000 mark in her business for the year. This year, she has just crossed the $100,000 mark with 2 months left to spare!

How do you write copy?

Writing copy is so important. Most people don’t spend enough time trying to write copy that gets people to read all the way through. Liz Wilcox explains that great copy is one to one. Even though you are writing for your newsletter, when your subscriber reads it, they should read it as one to one.

Just talk to one person!

When should I start a email list?

As soon as possible! The best day to start your email list was yesterday, and the second-best time is now! Don’t wait another day.

Deciding to choose an email list can be overwhelming. What platform should you use? Who will sign up? Where will people sign up?

These are all different things that you may wonder about before taking the plunge.

What email marketing software should I choose?

My personal favorite is Mailerlite.

Liz Wilcox recommends that you choose one and don’t switch until at least a year. You are building a reputation with your email marketing service provider, don’t screw that relationship up!

If you are doing affiliate marketing, some email service providers do not let affiliate links. Make sure to do your research first.

How to start an email list 101 by Liz Wilcox

If you want to hear this segment from Liz, skip to 14 minutes in.

Liz Wilcox gives the perspective of being an RV blogger, which she was at one point!

The first step is to go onto Facebook and announce what you are doing. Be transparent and invite people to follow along, drop your email link.

In Liz’s example, she didn’t even have an email service provider at that time!

Once this is done, set yourself a goal. Figure out what your goal will be, and work towards that.

Join communities, give freebies and provide value so that more people will join your email list.

What are people not doing with their email list?

Most side hustlers and new entrepreneurs are overthinking email writing. They try to over-deliver all their content right away and miss building the relationship. They write content for the masses and forget that they should write for that one person.

What is the email welcome series you recommend?

Liz Wilcox recommends sending a welcome series that suits you and your brand. Here is the process that is currently working for Liz Wilcox and me.

Email 1: Freebie + Quick Intro

In the first email, you’re going to want to deliver that freebie and then provide a brief introduction to who you are. This email shouldn’t be too long. Be very quick with your introduction, up to 2 sentences max.

A lot of people put their accolades and accomplishments they’ve done. I think this is overdone and people don’t want to spend tons of time reading about you before they know you.

Email 2: Your Best Content

Your best content that you’ve done! If you’re a blogger, you want to link to your blog posts.

Email 3: Expectations

This is so important! You want to set expectations of what’s going to happen now that they are part of your world! This is like the syllabus of your college courses. You know exactly what’s coming and when.

This is who this newsletter is for, and this is what to expect.

Email 4: Your Why

Why are you doing this? What is it you’re doing and why is it so important to you?

In this email, you want to share your bigger purpose and mission. Your audience should resonate with it and will connect with you deeper.

Liz Wilcox Most Important Message

If you only take one thing from this podcast episode, Liz wants it to be this.

Make sure to put in your email welcome sequence something along the lines of:

“I am going to offer you free and paid resources.”

You need people to understand that you are a business upfront. This will also make you feel more comfortable selling down the road.

Even if you don’t have a product to sell yet, you should add this because it flips a switch in your audience’s head.

How frequent should you be sending these emails?

It totally depends on your niche and audience. How often are they looking at emails? How often do they want and need to hear from you?

If they hear from you way more than they need, they will unsubscribe. Provide enough value for them to stay and look forward to your emails.

What time should you send your emails?

Liz Wilcox recommends you do not Google this question! Answers will give you different times and different days depending on which source you read.

You should be sending your emails when your audience is on their phone, checking emails. Every audience is different and will respond differently.

When I changed what time I was sending my emails out to my audience, response rates increased dramatically.

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