Introducing Maghon Taylor

Maghon Taylor is the owner and founder of! For the past 8 years, Maghon has been running the business from her house! Maghon has got steady growth year-over-year and now has enough inventory that it is overtaking her house!

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Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

No! Maghon Taylor didn’t even know the word entrepreneur! She went to school for sports marketing and was into the sports world. After graduating, she worked for a professional NHL hockey team and was doing event planning for them.

Maghon worked for the team for 7 years and loved it!

How did you get the business idea?

Like most business ideas, Maghon Taylor got the idea from scratching her own itch. Her name is spelled untraditional, with an A and O, instead of E and A. Since it was so unique, she could never find stationary or anything with her name on items.

She took to doing her own stationery herself! People loved it and she started selling to her suitemates at school. From there, Maghon decided to sell her stationery on eBay and got some organic sales that way.

What were the emotions leading up to taking the side hustle full time?

On paper, it made complete sense for Maghon to go full-time with AllSheWroteNotes. She was making more money and the potential was greater. However, at the time, she loved her job!

Most entrepreneurs start a side hustle to leave their job, but that wasn’t the case for Maghon. She worked with her 2 best friends, for a great boss and doing things she loved.

Maghon worked 2 years full-time before quitting her day job.

When should you buy your domain name?

Maghon had a great strategy to get customers to buy from her Etsy store. She purchased her domain name early on and forwarded that link to her Etsy shop.

This was very beneficial for two reasons.

The first is that it was memorable and easy for people to read. She could put it on business cards, text it to people, or just say it and it could be remembered.

The second is that if you tell people to go directly to Etsy, they will get bombarded with different products, advertisements and may get sidetracked. This may lead to a loss of sales for your store. Instead, this link went directly to her store, so there was no friction of seeing other sellers.

How did you build a clientele around a stationery business?

It’s more than stationery! Maghon was never trying to solve a problem, but rather to spread joy and happiness.

Her work shows her personality and people who resonate with her personality will love the product.

How much money does it cost to run an online store?

The beautiful thing about eCommerce is that the costs are low to get into. Maghon pays a minimal subscription to Shopify, which runs her website and allows her to collect payments easily.

Now, Maghon has an employee, but prior to this month, she didn’t have one!

Overall, Maghon runs on a 60% profit margin for her business, and when she brings in $400,000 a year, it isn’t a bad side hustle!

What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur starting a business?

Start small. It is better when you’re starting to pay a little more for each product and have a little less of it. You don’t want to get your cash stuck on inventory that doesn’t sell, especially at the beginning.

For every product you add, you need to be aware of shipping costs, boxes, and logistical errors that may occur. Keep your product mix small until you have a sound operation that can handle scale.

Do you encourage print on demand?

When Maghon Taylor started, print-on-demand was not an option. She did try some during the middle of her business, but it was not convenient for her. She had different products in different warehouses and customers received the product at multiple different times.

Another hiccup was the shipping times. Since it wasn’t Maghon doing the shipping, she couldn’t make sure it would leave the same day, put a special note or add a little extra gift.

If you can do the whole business print-on-demand, Maghon thinks as long as you have enough margins, it could be a great option overall.

Where do you get your products?

Some products Maghon actually makes herself. Now, as her business has grown, she partners with other companies that have access to the products to produce the items.

For new side hustlers, you can look at partnering with larger companies that have access to distribution. If you can provide the artwork, they can bring you the distribution.

How did Maghon Taylor grow her business?

Maghon grew her business primarily through social media. Organic social media posting what they are up to and responding to customers in a timely manner. Just by talking to customers, answering questions, and listening to what they have to say, Maghon was able to offer the right products at the right time.

Maghon Taylor’s Future Plans

Maghon is so excited her her new warehouse that she is moving into! With all the space, Maghon has decided to split the warehouse. 2/3 will be the warehouse for shipping and inventory, but the front of the building will be studio space.

Maghon will start teaching classes in a small retail store area.

#1 Tip For a Side Hustler Starting Out

It’s okay to go slow. You don’t need to figure out everything right away. Tell people you are starting and be comfortable with that. No one expects you to have an entrepreneurship diploma and know and understand everything.

When you start sharing your business with people, your friends and family will support you. A lot of people are scared of sharing.

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