Diana Alt is a career strategy coach. She helps people understand their superpowers, figure out their ideal job and go out to tackle it. Diana has a very holistic approach and tries to blend work and life in everything she does.

Before jumping into her business full time, Diana Alt was a side hustler herself! She decided to make the leap and hasn’t looked back since then!

When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Diana fought the idea of being an entrepreneur for a long time. Her parents were both college professionals and had great American jobs with pensions. When Diana graduated college in the late 90s, she started in the IT world.

Fast forward 2 years, she was laid off twice. During that time, there was no job security.

For the next 10-15 years, Diana made it her priority to make sure she was in the top 10-15% of what she did so that she could always find a job if she had to.

Why do you feel you’re different as a career coach?

Diana Alt has actually sat in multiple different positions in the hiring process and understands them all. Since March 2020, there have been “COVID coaches” pop up. They are people who got laid off during COVID-19 and could not find another job, so now they are helping people do it.

If you’re looking for a coach, make sure to do your research and understand what type of coach they are.

Does having a side hustle help you at the day job?

Absolutely! When you have a side hustle, you will be more productive at work too. Most side hustlers appear more confident and have a diverse skill set when they side hustle.

Diana Alt mentions her friend Scott, who started a side hustle while being a police officer. The purpose of the side hustle was not to quit his job, but rather to ease his way into retirement.

You can also use a side hustle to help develop skills that make you more employable.

4 Pillars of Work

Diana creates programs around the core 4 pillars of your life. When people come to Diana, it is pretty clear that they want to get a new job, but some don’t know what job.

Diana Alt teaches 4 pillars of the ideal work concept. They all have to do with you and the company.

Pillar 1 – You’re doing the right work for you

You are using your skills and doing work that you are interested in. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you need to make sure the work is right for you.

Pillar 2 – Leadership

The most obvious leader is your direct boss. You need to feel good about the leadership in the company, especially your direct boss. If you don’t feel comfortable with the direction and strategy, you’re going to have issues down the road.

Pillar 3 – Culture

People talk about corporate culture all the time! Corporate culture is not just what the company says, but what they do. Diana calls it “work values in action”.

Make sure the words on their website actually back their actions.

Pillar 4 – Environment

The environment covers everything else from benefits to formality and everything in between. Right now, the top environmental factor is whether employees are being forced to go back to work or not.

What the 4 pillars teach us as an entrepreneur

It is awesome to know the 4 pillars because as an entrepreneur, you want to create an atmosphere that you’d want to work in. It may take some deep diving and self-reflection, but it will be worth it in the end.

Another great way to know your pillars is to actually get a day job. When you’re working the day job, you’re going to know what you love, hate, and want to change or implement in your business.

What is the best advice for people balancing a side hustle and day job?

Figure out what your boundaries are first. Then, figure out what boxes you’re going to put your side hustle in and what box you’re going to put your day job in. For most people, it revolves around a schedule.

Diana Alt knows that she has workaholic tendencies, so she needed to set boundaries around her work so she doesn’t overwork.

Rubber balls and glass balls

Every week Diana creates a plan for herself. She lists all the tasks and then looks if it is a rubber ball or glass ball.

If you drop a rubber ball, it bounces and you can pick it up later. If it is a glass ball, if it falls it will break. You need to prioritize and know which your glass balls are and make sure those get tended to.

Should you put your side hustle on your resume?

This will depend on the culture at your day job. There are some companies that just don’t allow side hustles. Diana’s advice for you if you work here, is to find a new job! In this day and age, that should not be allowed.

You also shouldn’t put yourself in a position where you can get fired if you got found out about it.

Another big factor is if you are in direct conflict with your day job. If you’re in that situation, you should get approval and make sure you are not breaking any contracts you signed.

Should a side hustler pursue education?

Diana Alt loves youth entrepreneurship and is a very big activist of it! Diana believes that if you know you are going to be self-employed, then go to a community college. Study a combo of your discipline and business/marketing.

While doing this, start doing the thing to see if you actually like it.

If you want to be a graphic designer, go to school for graphic design and business. Start freelancing and finding clients online, actually do the work!

Diana Alt’s #1 Tip

Figure out who you want to serve! If you know who you want to serve, you have more purpose and will have an easier understanding of how to communicate with them.

This will help you find clients faster and fast-track your way to success.

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