Amy Jones is the founder of Flower Moxie, a DIY dropshipping flower business! Amy Jones was a wedding planner and a florist when she started Flower Moxie as a side hustle.

One of my favorite parts of Amy’s story is that she didn’t have the intention of taking Flower Moxie full-time! Her goal was to only earn $500/month!

Why did you start Flower Moxie?

As a florist, she knew that so many brides could not afford flowers for their wedding day. Amy turned down several clients every single month because they did not have the budget to get professional flowers for their wedding day.

She thought, if someone has budget constraints, maybe they could do the labor themselves, and get the flowers delivered.

Amy launched a website to supplement the slow wedding season.

How important was knowing your audience to grow the business?

Amy’s audience was not every single bride getting married. Her perfect customer was a bride that wanted amazing flowers on her wedding day but didn’t have the budget to get them professionally done.

Since she knew that, she could effectively target her marketing to the proper person. The more you know, the less you’re going to spend on finding that person.

What are your revenue streams from Flower Moxie?

Currently, Flower Moxie is currently 100% dropshipping! Amy Jones has worked relationships with wholesalers in many states so that she could get faster shipping and wholesale rates.

Amy has also figured out that shipping and logistics are difficult! She now charges for overnight cargo to ensure that the flowers are fresh and delivered on time.

Do you have any horror stories?

Oh yes! When you’re working with brides on one of their most emotional days, lots can go wrong! Amy Jones needs to make sure she is doing everything in her control to make the day smooth.

On one occasion, the shipping company did not get the flowers there on time. Amy Jones had to Uber flowers from one side of Florida to the other. The cost was around $200, and she definitely lost money on the client!

When you get into business, you have to realize you won’t win every interaction, and that is okay.

Is this setup completely passively?

Like most people, when Amy Jones started the business, she thought it would be a passive dropshipping store. Now, after doing it for years, she realized there is nothing passive about the business!

If you go into business thinking that you are going to make 100% passive income, you may want to rethink going into that business.

How did you scale?

Putting herself out there, hiring people, and just moving forward. Amy wishes she had a mentor that could’ve helped along the way, but she did it without that.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and sometimes going with your gut. Amy Jones mentions she’s “wasted” thousands of dollars on vendors, employees, and suppliers where she got nothing in return. She’s used all those experiences as learning mistakes and knows what to avoid the next time.

What advice do you have for new eCommerce entrepreneurs?

When Amy Jones gets to a place where you don’t know what to do, you should try and find a freelancer over a big company. For example, Amy is pretty familiar with Shopify, but there were customizations that she did not know how to do.

Instead of spending hours trying to figure it out, she thought she would hire an eCommerce website agency. Most agencies are charging setup fees, retainers, and have higher rates than freelancers.

Amy suggests going to Fiverr or Upwork and hire a freelancer. You may need to do more research upfront to vet the freelancers, but you’re going to save a lot of money.

What’s next for Amy Jones?

They’ve just bought their first commercial space and want to do much more than just weddings! She wants to make an experience similar to a “girls night”.

Whatever experiences you can do to make life, those are the activities that Amy plans to have in the commercial space.

Amy Jones #1 tip for side hustlers starting out

You’re going to need to learn the hard things that you are not familiar with. It may be SEO or doing in-person meetings. It is the things that you don’t know how to do, or don’t want to do it.

Get comfortable with ambiguity rather than ignoring it.

Connect with Amy

You can visit her website at Flower Moxie.

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