About AJ Saunders

I met AJ Saunders from The Underdogs with Noah Kagan. From the first day we spoke on a Zoom call, AJ has been there to help with anything I needed. He is an expert in SEO, and a wizard when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Over the years, AJ has developed his digital marketing skills, with an area of focus in SEO, copywriting, and blogging.

Enjoy the episode!

Why did you want to learn to blog for income?

Many years ago, AJ had been interested in the online marketing space. He started listening to Gary Vee, Pat Flynn, Tropical MBA, and some other podcasts that mentioned how great blogging was. AJ knew that he wanted to build a business that generated cash flow now but could one day sell.

Have you ever had a day job?

Never! AJ has never had a day job but has never had a lavish life either. AJ has made do with the income he’s been able to generate for himself.

What are affiliate niche sites?

Affiliate websites are income-generating websites that generate money based on impressions from traffic. Most affiliate websites generate money in 2 ways: display ads and affiliate links.

Display Ads

Display ads are banners on the website that are rented out to companies as ad space. They put ads that are relevant to the user, not just random ads. Since they’re dynamic, they show ads relative to the user.

Users have a higher likelihood of clicking on the links since they are products and services they are interested in.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are links that go to a product and service, and when purchased, you receive a commission. Most affiliate posts are posts that do product reviews or comparisons.

Ranking Your Websites

AJ Saunder’s main priority, before monetizing the website, is to rank the website in Google. Once you are able to rank your niche websites, people will be able to find them using organic search methods.

The first priority to rank your website is to create great content.

Generate as much content as possible in the form of blog posts and target it around low search difficulty keywords.

AJ Saunders Recommends This Side Hustle For

If you are a side hustler who is in it for the long run, this is for you! Side hustlers who want to develop a business that will generate some income now, but can be sold for a lot more down the road.

Building niche websites is great for people who want freedom in their life and would prefer a lifestyle business.

AJ Saunders Does Not Recommend This Side Hustle For

People who are used to flipping items, selling a product, or anyone used to generating money right away. If you are thinking about instant gratification or want to make a quick buck, this is not the side hustle for you.

If your goal is to pay off debt right away, it may be best to look at a different side hustle, and then transition to this if you’re still interested later.

The First Step In Your Niche Website Journey

The first step in developing your niche website is to decide which niche you want to write about. Within every topic, there are sub-niches. Ideally, you want to look for sub-niches within the niche that you can write and develop a website about.

Keyword Research Within Your Niche

Your next step is to find keywords within the niche that you chose. My personal favorite keyword research tool is Keyword Chef. Keyword Chef is founded by a Hobby Hustler himself, Ben Adler.

Keyword Chef is a great, straightforward software to use. Simply enter the key phrase in the search bar, then wait for results to populate.

Keyword Chef will automatically highlight the keyword phrases that are easy to rank for.

Where AJ Saunders Sees Opportunities Right Now?

AJ Saunders believes there will going to be a massive opportunity in the work from home niche. This is the result of the niche exploding in the last year, and more people are moving to that permanently.

Within the niche, you could look at decor, office spaces and organization, software and hardware, and more!

Does Choosing a Domain Matter?

Not necessarily. AJ Saunders likes to have a brandable domain that has his keyword in the domain if possible. Regardless, you can build a great website on any domain.

Do not try to brand your business as yourself. Doing that will limit your upside and sell potential.

AJ Saunders gives the example of doing a business called “Matthews Cakes”. Since it has a name, it has a story behind it. This makes it difficult for new people to come in and run the business.

How To Choose Hosting

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

You want to choose a company that has a data center in your geographical location. If you’re based in the USA, do not pick a company with a server-based in Australia.

I personally am using Cloudways right now and have seen speed increase tremendously.

How Frequently Should I Post Blogs?

You should post as much as you can, that you can stay consistent with. Google and other search engines love consistency.

If you can do one per week, then that is great. Of course, it is even better if you can do 2 or 3 per week. If your readers get in the habit of coming back every week, you want to keep content coming every week.

How Soon Can You Expect To Get Traffic?

It totally depends on the niche and keywords that you choose. If you pick a niche that is highly competitive and are picking keywords that are general, you may never see traffic. If you are choosing topics that have voids in the market, you may see traffic quickly.

Where Can I Go To Hire Writers?

Some side hustlers do not want to spend the time to write the content. If that is you, then that is fine!

You can easily hire writers on Upwork or Fiverr, and then edit their work.

AJ Saunders recommends you put your SEO best practices on paper as guidelines before hiring your writer.

Connect With AJ Saunders

Feel free to connect with AJ Saunders on his website or in our community!