If you’re wondering how to start a SaaS company, Ben Adler is a perfect success story!

Ben Adler has been a full-time entrepreneur for 3 years now. Before starting Keyword Chef, a niche content analyzer for bloggers, he ran his own content sites. Ben Adler does have software experience and has been dabbling in software for a little bit.

Why Was Starting a SaaS Company Fascinating To You?

Ben Adler loved the idea of creating a tool that helped people solve their problems and earn recurring monthly revenue at the same time.

Since Ben was young, he knew that he wanted to do something with software.

The journey to getting here was a long one though. Ben used to spend all his evenings writing for his niche content websites.

Creating a Niche Site Portfolio

Ben Adler started his journey into entrepreneurship by creating digital micro niche sites. Every night after work Ben would write content that attracted search engines.

Visitors would find his websites through searching something on Google, landing on the information on the site. Ben would make money by putting display ads on the website.

Slowly but surely, visitor counts would go up and before he knew it, Ben was earning over 5-figures passively on his portfolio of niche websites.

The process of finding keywords to rank for in search engines was ultimately why he started his SaaS, Keyword Chef.

How To Start a SaaS Company Through Pain Points

Ben Adler was performing the same tedious, menial, and repetitive tasks every night. It went something like this:

  • Search keyword in Google
  • Check competition in SERPs
  • Decide if you can outrank
  • Write content

When you analyze the process, there is lots of time that could be saved if you could search more than one keyword at the same time.

Another easy solution is if there was a way to highlight the “bad” results that show up in the SERPs. The “bad” results were the results Ben was looking for because he knew he could outrank them.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you receive a commission by selling someone else’s product. This is done online, typically through a unique link that belongs to you.

Some of the most popular affiliate programs are:

Affiliate marketing is still effective and it definitely is not dead!

My Domain Case Study

Currently, I own the domain, howtocookchickenbreast.com. I used this opportunity to ask Ben Adler what he would do with it if he owned it.

Exact Match Domains

This domain is considered an exact match domain name. This means that the exact phrase people are searching for matches my domain name. Some people believe it to be better for ranking quicker, others do not.

Ben Adler is against building a SaaS just because you have a domain. He does not recommend that you center your whole business around a $10 domain name. The opportunity with content marketing can be done on any domain!

Live Case Study Example

I searched for “side hustle” with Ben Adler live on Keyword Chef and we found some great content ideas right away.

When I searched for Side Hustle, there were a few yellow marks (indicating easy site to outrank), on a few of the terms people search.

What Makes a Site Easy to Outrank?

Usually, low-domain authority blogs and forums like Reddit, Medium, and Yahoo Answers are easy websites to outperform. They are easy to outperform because they are not optimized to rank for that keyword.

Keyword Chef will automatically count all the weak sites for you and give you a number on the dashboard.

How Long Does It Take To Rank Your Articles?

Every niche and website is going to take a different amount of time. There is no one size fits all solution.

Most websites will take a least 6 months to start ranking in search engines.

Learn about tools like Google Search Console, which allows you to index your website pages faster.

Where To Connect With Ben Adler

You can connect with Ben on the Facebook Community, his personal Facebook, or check out his SaaS Keyword Chef.