Episode #55

With Kevin Galang

How Kevin Quit His Day Job and Went Into No Code Full Time

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55 – Building In #NoCode With Kevin Galang

Kevin Galang Freedom Date: October 2020 (Kevin quit his day job)

Kevin Galang is an expert in the No Code space. If you are not familiar with No Code, it is the practice of using existing platforms, piecing them together, and using them in ways to fulfill a bigger vision. For example, if you wanted to create an app, you can plug together different solutions to make your own app.

No Code is definitely not a band-aid solution, and it should be something you are considering if you are trying to develop an app.

You can focus on the other parts of your business like marketing, trying to get beta users, and getting dollars in the door!

Kevin left his day job as a tech lead at Capital One, but even before that, he was a self-taught engineer coming from a physical therapy background.

Where to follow #NoCode?

The No Code community hangs out on Twitter right now, if you are interested, you can follow #NoCode on Twitter.

LaunchMBA.co and Makerpad are two other resources mentioned by Kevin!

Did you always have a passion for creating something out of nothing?

At the time, Kevin Galang was wanting to go to physical therapy school to become a therapist, but he started having doubts. Kevin could not afford all of the debt he would incur by going to graduate school with the amount that he was going to make the 3 years after Graduate school.

He started selling home gym equipment with an eCommerce business that failed! Kevin realized the power of code when he was learning Shopify during his time selling home gym equipment online.


Rennet is under an umbrella called Asiago, which is trying to bring some legitimacy to the autograph world.

I wanted to illustrate how Rennet came from Asiago and how powerful no code truly is because through building Asiago, Kevin and his partners were able to break off pieces of the larger software and create spin-offs, the biggest being Rennet.

Opportunities in No Code

Kevin thinks there is a huge untapped opportunity to build No Code apps for the eCommerce space. Right now, there is no eBay integration with Integromat yet. Similarly, the integrations with Zapier are not that thought out yet and when these integrations happen, there will be lots of opportunities.

If Someone Is Interested In No Code, Where Can Someone Teach Themselves?

Kevin believes the best way to start is finding something that you can automate in your side hustle.

You could ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where are you spending your most time day-to-day?
  2. If you did have more time, what would you be doing more of?
  3. What are your competitors doing?

The answer to these 3 questions will start to steer you in the right direction of where you want to go.

Now, you have your use-case, the next step is to go to MakerPad and see if anyone has already done it or done something similar.

The Different No Code Platforms

MakerPad: an online educational community. They do not have a built-in application to build the no code app in. Great place to find tutorials and communicate with others.

Bubble: a popular no-code builder. One of the most complex but robust builders out there.

If you are trying to build a really complex web app, Bubble could be a good option.

Card.co: They are a landing page builder. Great to validate business ideas by setting up a landing page to collect email addresses. 

Automation Tools:

Integromat: A more flushed out version of Zapier, more complicated to use but more robust.

Zapier: The most user friendly. 

Parabola: Great for the data side of things!

Air Table: Supped up spreadsheet that you can integrate with Zapier and other tools very well and easily.

What is Air Table?

You can think of Air Table as a Google Sheets or Excel, but a premium or supped up version of them! You can do a lot more with Air Table, such as fill out forms, relate columns, and automate data fetching!

Air Table integrates better with all the other no code platforms as well.

Use Case

I told Kevin about one of my itches that I’ve been wanting to scratch.

As an avid golfer, one of the biggest issues that arose on the golf course and throughout the whole industry this year was that people (members at private courses, too) could not get tee times at their own course!


Golf courses had to space their tee times further apart, so instead of every 7 minutes, they were every 14 minutes. This led to half of the tee times available during the day.

The other problem was that most people were home during the day, tons of people got laid off, and more people than ever were trying to book tee times.

The Problem

Who gets the tee times? Because they were so scarce, people were booking them 5-7 days in advance, not even knowing if they could actually go!

Two days before, they realized they could not go and end up canceling or not showing up.

The Solution

A marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade tee times with other golfers!

Sharetribe.com gives you the ability to build a marketplace and this is what Kevin offered to get started.

The other alternative could be doing a lot of the coordination of Air Table!

Finding Ideas

Kevin gives a lot of credit to all the relationships that he has built over the last few months. Rennet.io, his latest project, is the perfect example.

All of his automation ideas also came from people, talking to them and listening to what their struggles are.

Kevin mentioned the episode with Doc Williams, who is also famous in the No Code space, listen to that episode here.

Your Best Automations

The best automation is the one that saves people a whole lot of money. The beauty of this automation is that you can automate only one or two tasks if that is all you need. By doing that, sometimes you don’t have to buy a whole CRM or software for these 1-2 tasks that you want to automate.

A few notables:

Automation to share your content across different social media platforms without paying any social media scheduler tool

Automation that makes a CRM on Air Table and Clearbit, which enriches your data. So if you have a person on your CRM, it will pull their social media profiles and give you data for them.

Automation that gave you a report of your most engaged Twitter followers and what do they engage with.

No Code DO’s and DO NOTS!

When you are getting into it, don’t try to learn everything at once.

Have a use case, try to keep it small, and try to keep it within Air Table at first.

Start with a little simpler tools first; Carrd, Google Sheets, etc.!

Reach out to people! The no code community is very welcoming!

Don’t copy people!

Avoid jumping to the conclusion that coders are dead!

There is a space for automation, and there is a space where things should NOT be automated, do not try to automate those tasks. 

What is an Indie Hacker?

Indiehackers.com is the reason Kevin quit his job! It is a group of solo developers, no code people, and just a group of people who are trying to make money on their own using software.

The Automated Etsy Shop

Kevin’s cousin was the source for this idea. Kevin’s cousin has a child who is 4 years old, strapped on time, and he doesn’t particularly enjoy his day job. He has always wanted to find a way out of the day and to try and do that, he started an Etsy shop years ago.

With another kid on the way, he expressed his stress to Kevin on how he was going to take care of the newborn plus run his Etsy store.

Kevin continued to ask him questions and dug into his pain points with the manual tasks that were taking much of his time.

What he ended up creating was automation that plugged in Printful with Etsy.

Printful handles the manufacturing of the product and the fulfillment once the product sells on Etsy.

Kevin’s cousin then uses Etsy’s off-site advertising, which you pay for only when the product sells. When it sells, you pay the extra fee to cover Etsy’s advertising. Once the order comes in, the order goes into Printful automatically, they create the product and fulfill it out.

#1 Tip for People Getting Started

No code tools can be very accessible for people outside of tech. If you are trying to find the next idea or accelerate your side hustle, getting a tool or skill set in the no code industry can really set you apart.  

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