In Week 3 of this series, I generated $545 in Profits by Selling Naked Puts & Covered Calls



Week 3: Expiration is Friday December 4, 2020



In this video, I walk you through my trades for the week:

– Added a Year-To-Date Profit Tracker on the top of the spreadsheet

– Left my Lightspeed (LSPD) contract open, looking to close it out this week for $0.20 or less. Expiry is 12/18/20

– Sell to Open 2 Contracts of Microsoft (MSFT) at $2.00 to profit $400. Expiry 12/11/20

– Sell to Open 1 Contract of Apple (AAPL) at $1.45 to profit $145. Expiry 12/11/20

To get access to the spreadsheet and follow along trade by trade, click here.