Episode #54

With David Emmons

Road Show Artist Turned Online Marketing Artist! 

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54 – How the Power of Online Marketing can Save a Road Show Artist’s Life with David Emmons

David helps artists and speciality business owners utilize the power of the internet to set up a sustainable business!

David has been an artist for decades, selling his copper and stained glass hanging water gardens at the most prestigious Art Festivals around the world. After spending too much time on the ride, and too little time at home with the family, he needed to make a transition.

Three years ago, David made the shift that changed his life, selling all of his art online! David learned how to grow his Facebook audience and understanding the power of selling to them.

He now helps other artists do the same, especially since artists cannot do road shows due to COVID-19.

David runs his teaching business at www.artistmarketingformula.com

How many roadshows have you done?

  • Literally, David has done over 1000 road shows around the world!

In a Post-COVID world, will trade shows still be prominent?

  • It is hard to say, nowadays, companies are working hard to make the online world and transactions feel like the real world.
  • The people who prosper will need to know how to do both!

Where do you get the information for who to target on Facebook?

  • It is really about trying to get in the head of your customer.
  • It is a combination of having a good idea who your customer is, ask yourself:
    • What magazines do they read?
    • What kind of places do they go on the internet?
    • What kind of music do they like?
    • Where do they live?
    • What are they are interested in?
    • Do they go to specific shows around the world?
    • Is there a deeper level / niche in the industry you are serving that if people knew those, you can guarantee they know what you are talking about?

David gives the example that he knows his customers love gardening and plants. When he targets, he knows that if they are fans of “horticulture”, “bonsai” and a few specific flower shows around the world, they typically love plants and spend more money on their hobby.

Magic Question:

What are they doing in their lives that they are spending money on that are in my niche?

For dog niche…

What are the dog owner’s spending money on that gives me the indication that they may spend money on a pet portrait? Possible answers: dog walkers, dog spas, interested in the Westminster Dog Show, etc.

Who are the people that you help in your program?

  • Any artist or small/unique business owner

Where are you and your artists selling?

  • The ideal place is YOUR website
  • Second to that is your Facebook or Instagram page
  • David is not a fan of Etsy or other social marketplaces.
  • He doesn’t like it because people are already have a comparison mindset, they are comparing artists, pricing, reviews, etc.

What kind of traffic are you running?

  • You are starting with cold traffic, then retarget them and warm up the audience.
  • The best ads are video ads… organic video ads! This means that you pull out your phone, no professional recording and editing, and you record!
  • Every advertisement needs a hook, which is designed to stop the scrolling when they are going down the Facebook feed!
  • David gives the example of walking out of a plant wall and he is covered in plants! He knows that his audience loves plants, so it is designed to stop people who love plants!

 How to get started with 0 followers but they love art?

  • You want to set up a Facebook Business page, put all the design assets (ie. Profile photo, cover photo, etc.)
  • Showcase your art in a time lapse! Time lapse do extremely well
  • Start documenting your work, why you do what you do, etc.
  • David highly recommends you spend $1/day on an engagement campaign to start grow your following.
  • The $1/day along with family and friends engaging will slowly snowball and become bigger and bigger.
  • When you are running a page engagement campaign, make sure you are targeting the right people, you want to grow with the RIGHT audience, not with ANYONE!
  • Remember: it is better to have 1000 true fans over 10,000 fans who don’t care!

Never fall into the trap of the $0.01 campaigns where you get page likes for $0.01! These are just to inflate numbers and are not fans. It will destroy the algorithm and ruin your success in the long-run.

Would you say what you do is for Instagram and Facebook only?

  • David finds that if you can keep your focus, you will do better. There really is no reason to use Google, Bing, Etsy, etc.
  • Facebook and Instagram are going to give you more traffic than you can ever handle!
  • What this will do is allow you to hyper focus on that and start seeing real results.
  • You can dabble in other marketing, but it is not necessary. If you do it, make sure you don’t spread your budget too thin.

As a business owner, sometimes you feel like you have to do more, be more and want more. But the reality is, if you stay in one lane, you will dominate it more and start to gain more traction. Once you’ve fully understood that platform and it is bringing you a consistent income, you have the freedom to explore other things.

Is this strategy relatable to all different creative industries?

  • Absolutely! David mentions that he has candle makers, jewellers, soap makers, sculptors and much more!
  • A lot of this is human psychology, understanding what they are going to connect and interact with.

Where can you get good sales copy?

  • Go to your customer reviews! Use the language they are using.
  • They are using the exact words to tell you what they love about you!

How do you encourage people to become a repeat customer?

  • A lot of happens because of the interaction. The customer must love the interaction.
  • David thought this was what he was going to lose when he went online because he doesn’t have that personal interaction. After doing it for quite some time, he’s realized that this is not the case.
  • The method of communication is different, but all your posts and status updates are relationship building pieces and conversations that you are having.
  • Pull people off Facebook and onto your VIP (email) list! By doing this, they are more intimately connected with you and will engage with you more. Also, you are hedging your risk in case Facebook decides to shut down tomorrow!

Who are some of your success stories?

  • One of David’s favourite is a student who paints pet’s portraits.
  • Within 48 hours of talking to David, she landed an $11,000 commissioned piece!

The Beauty of this Business:

  • Facebook ads are designed to work right away. You should be able to see results almost immediately!

What happens when you get an ad that converts?

  • This is the best feeling when running advertising!
  • When you get an advertisement that works, you turn up the dial!
  • For example, you can spend $50 and receive $250 in revenue, when that starts to happen, crank up $50 to $100!

A word of advice from David: Make sure you know your customer acquisition cost! When you know this, you can dial in and really run hyper targeted ads that convert, and convert profitably!

How do you get people on your Facebook Live?

  • It is all about strategy!
  • Plan ahead and announce it to your audience. Think, what time/day makes the most sense for my people?
  • Let people know in as many places as you can! Ie. Email blast, Facebook, Instagram, Stories, etc.

What is 1 tip you can give Side Hustlers When getting started?

Get good at doing Facebook Lives! Be really strategic with them. The algorithm is looking for engagement (talk to them, say things that ask them to interact with the post). This is especially good if you don’t have a big budget and cannot afford to do paid advertising!

Facebook Lives get the best reach on Facebook!

Connect With David:

David has a free masterclass that he teaches every week where he goes more in-depth, feel free to visit www.artistmarketingblueprint.com to sign up!

David also has his main business at: www.artistmarketingformula.com

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