Most podcasters will never reach the point of getting a podcast sponsorship. In order to get a podcast sponsorship, you need an engaged listenership that will take action and on your ads. If you don’t have a following, your ads will not work and you will lose your sponsoring company.

How Much Is a Podcast Sponsorship

Before we go into how to get a podcast sponsorship, let’s talk about how much you can earn. It is a good idea to analyze the amount of income a sponsorship will bring you before deciding to look for a sponsor. An ad playing during the middle of your podcast makes your listeners experience worse, and that is what you have to weigh.

Is it worth disrupting your listeners experience for $10 a show? The answer is for you to decide.

For podcasts that have less than 10,000 downloads, it is best to go with affiliate offers as a sponsor. This means that the company is not paying you upfront, but rather on the commissions that you bring them.

A common example is Audible and BlueHost, when people sign up through your link, you will receive a commission.

The CPM Model

For podcasts that have 10,000+ downloads, you can explore the CPM model. CPM stands for “Cost Per Thousand”, where the sponsor is paying per 1000 downloads.

According to Live365, the industry standards for podcast sponsorships are:

  • 15-second pre-roll, $15-20 CPM
  • 60-second mid-roll: $20-25 CPM
  • 30-second post-roll: $10-20 CPM

The mid-roll is the most expensive because it is the least likely to be skipped by the listener. The pre-and post- are easily skipped by the listener and come at a time where the listener may have not been engaged. By providing a mid-roll advertisement, you are able to place it in the episode where it fits best, which can also give you the best results.

How To Find Companies To Get a Podcast Sponsorship

Finding the right company to sponsor your podcast is the key to your success. When you are looking for a company to sponsor your podcast, you want one that will be familiar to your listener. Having a company with the same values and interests as your listener will build a trustworthy relationship for all parties.

Create a list of your ideal sponsors

The first step in order to get a podcast sponsorship is to create a list of your ideal sponsors. These are companies that you currently use in your business or have used in the past. They are companies that you enjoy working with and look forward to down the road.

I created a list of my ideal sponsors below. These are all companies that I use or have used and have found value in.

LastPassBluehostElegant ThemesPayPal
EtsyAthletic GreensYetiSoundCloud

Questions to ask yourself

  1. What companies, brands, services, and products do I use to make my business operational?
  2. Apply that question to any other businesses you’ve owned in the past
  3. What do people in my community use that they rave about?
  4. Do I recommend a specific product or business often?
  5. What companies, brands, services, and products sponsor podcasts in my niche? (essentially, competitor podcasts)

By answering these questions, you should try to get a list of at least 15 companies. Try to get up to 25-30 companies, as it makes the next parts easier.

Creating Your Podcast Sponsorship Pitch

When you are trying to get a podcast sponsorship on your own, you will need to create a compelling pitch that is a win-win for both. If you are using a broker, you can let them handle this for you.

Below is the exact pitch I created and emailed to marketing directors at companies I believed in. Each email had a personal touch to it. Do not copy and paste this template word for word or it will go into spam folders.

Try to personalize every email that you send in order to maximize results.

Podcast Sponsor Pitch Template

“Hey [NAME],

I wanted to find out about a possible partnership with [your company] and The Hobby Hustler Show.

The Hobby Hustler Show is a Top 200 Business Podcast in Canada and currently generates over 5000 unique listens every month.

Our audience is corporate employees seeking to quit their job by doing their side hustle full-time. My audience is similar to yours, as many of them have told me they are using [your company].

I would love to set up a time for a quick chat to answer any questions you have.

Hustle On!

Matthew Alexander

Chief Hobby Hustler”

Some other statistics you can provide in your email is:

  1. Show description
  2. Frequency of the show
  3. Style of show (Interview, solo, in-person, etc.)
  4. Demographics (if you know them, could be very relevant)
  5. Past sponsors, guests, awards, or testimonials for social proof and credibility
  6. Future of your podcast

Start sending emails!

If you are not getting the results you want with your cold outreach, read 7 Effective Ways To Increase Your Cold Outreach.

Follow up on your podcast sponsorship cold outreach

Create a follow-up process and hold people accountable. It is always best to try and get a “no” rather than just unopened emails or no responses.

Take the advice they give you when they say “no” and see how you can change that to better your pitch.