The 10X Rule Book Review

Grant Cardone’s 10x Rule Book Review was an easy one to do after this fantastic read. If you’re looking for a non-bias book review, continue reading below. 

I came across Grant Cardone 4 years ago, after seeing a motivational youtube video. Like most entrepreneurs, hearing the warm and fuzzy motivational speeches resonated with me.

After consuming much of his videos, I ended up attending one of his events live and purchased his book, The 10X Rule. 

I enjoyed the book because it was motivational and left me with an abundance mindset.


Overall Theme of The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

The overall theme of 10x Rule was to set up everything in your life to do 10 times what you believe you can do. If you think your side hustle can bring in $100 a month, think about it bringing in $1000 a month. 

Most people don’t set goals that are big enough because we are scared of failure. Taking action that is greater than you can imagine is the only way to fulfill the success that you desire. 

A line that resonated with me, which appeared multiple times in the book was “Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions”. 


Instill The 10X Rule in your everyday life

Throughout the book, Grant Cardone instills in us that no one can keep up with you other than yourself. The moment you believe you are slowing down, someone will be catching up. The best way around that? 10X your goals. 

When you are making a purchase, think of what you are getting from it. Does the item, tool, or software bring you closer to maximizing your goals? 

At the end of the book, there weren’t any actionable steps to do next, but rather, it left me with a mindset that I need to think bigger, and people shouldn’t think that you’re crazy for thinking that way. 


Here are key takeaways from 10x Rule Book Review


Luck is not real

Most side hustlers believe that luck is not real. Luck is a crossroads of working hard and looking for opportunities. Most people who are not successful believe that luck is real and only successful entrepreneurs get lucky. 

If you make baby steps every single day, you will make traction and you build off that traction, leading to a larger side hustle. Don’t wait around, procrastinating on tasks, and wait for luck to come around. 


Dream 10X and don’t be afraid to tell others

After reading the book, I thought that maybe thinking 10X in everything I did would be a little too abundant and unrealistic. It took me a while to understand how this thought process works and how to integrate it into your everyday life. 

When Walt Disney wanted to create an amusement park, people told him that he was crazy, it would be too difficult, and that it would cost too much. Imagine a world where people would travel around the world to come to your amusement park? Walt Disney imagined it. 


Opportunity comes when you connect

Don’t be afraid to connect with people in your circles, even if you don’t know them. Utilize cold outreach strategies to maximize your time spent on these activities. 

Grant Cardone believes that your network is your net worth. Of course, it is not a direct correlation, but for most people, if you can increase your network you will start to see your revenue numbers increasing. 

After reading the book, I made a habit to connect with 10 new side hustlers every single day and invite them to ask any question they were struggling with. 


Believe success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility

Grant Cardone believes that entrepreneurial-minded people were set on this world to create success for you, your family, and others. If you have a successful business, you’re able to make others successfully employing them. 

Adopt a mindset that success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility and luck is a magnet to those who work the most. 

You were put on this on this earth to do something bigger and better than most, and that is why you are thinking about reading the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. 


Success is a result of earlier actions that are consistent

Whether you have achieved success or not yet is a matter of taking consistent action for a long enough period. Make action steps forward every single day and be consistent with it. You will not become successful without taking consistent steps. 


Success is not in shortage, it is not limited and it does not come in certain amounts

Success is not bound by any limitations, so there is no reason that your mindset should be bound with restrictions. Eliminate all your limiting beliefs about success and understand that more than you can have success. 

It is great to have a financial number that you are aiming for, but don’t be limited to that success amount. In fact, dream that you can do 10X more than that number. 


Most successful CEOs go to 6 conferences per year

This was an interesting takeaway from Grant Cardone! When CEOs attend conferences, they go for a number of reasons, which isn’t always to learn and get educated. but to also connect with new people and to learn about new ideas. 

It doesn’t matter how successful you are in your business because Grant Cardone still makes time to attend those conferences.


Most CEOs read over 12 books a year

Following most CEOs’ footsteps, I am trying to do the same, hence why I am writing this 10X Rule Book Review. 

Find out what topic you’re passionate about and start consuming content in that space. If you can find the topics you’re passionate about, reading will come easy. 

Reading will introduce new thought processes, ideas, and people in your networks, ultimately bringing you closer to 10X growth. 


Successful people do not stay in the comfort zone

When you are feeling uncomfortable, that means you are about to grow! Don’t stay in your comfort zone and do what feels good. Doing that won’t allow you to grow. Successful CEOs and side hustlers get outside of their comfort zone! 


My Final Comment on Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule Book Review. Should you buy it?

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone was a simple read and does not take long. Ultimately, it is a great read for people who are looking to grow their business and adopt a mindset of abundance rather than limitation. 

I hope you enjoyed The 10X Rule Book Review! If are you interested in the 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, get it shipped to your door in 2-days with Amazon Prime!

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